Final Fantasy: Love It or Hate It, They Still Have Your $$$ Panel at AnimeNEXT 2017


I went to the Final Fantasy: Love It or Hate It, They Still Have Your $$$ panel hosted by DJ Date Masamune, unfortunately, I can relate very well. I am one of those people who spend all their money on Final Fantasy games and regret it later. I have played countless Final Fantasy games, I keep going back regardless if the last ending was good or bad.

The panel covered many games from the Final Fantasy franchise. Ranging from best to worst. Regardless, of price Final Fantasy fans stay true to the brand.  We fans wait for years for a new game to come out and we purchase it even though you have these mixed feelings.

Square Enix, they are pros at hype which only makes you want to purchase it even more.  We also continue to buy downloadable content whether we like the game or not. Just hoping to find out more about the storyline. There are even some games where the storyline doesn’t even make sense but, we still continue to play it.

Final Fantasy fans play these games for many reasons like Dj Date Masamune said but for some of us, we play the games strictly for the hot guys.  That is one of the many reasons why I play, for the eye candy.  For example, Noctis from Final Fantasy 15 who looks a lot like Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto.  Then there’s Cloud from Final Fantasy 7. The negative thing about the eye candy is they tend to have the most depressing back story, and you better hope that they don’t kill off the character you like
I also love Final Fantasy games for the adventure aspect. I like discovering new worlds and summoning huge monsters that come to your aid.  Celebrating that their fighting with you and not against you. Like I said before I like discovering new places but I do not like getting lost and forced to fight monsters above my skill level.  I like the challenge of a new battling system. But I can not stand when they make a monster so strong that they are impossible to defeat. But it’s unavoidable, so you’re just stuck training until you can.

Adamantoise Final Fantasy 13

I will never forget having to fight Adamantoise. It would stomp once and you’d die instantly.  I wonder why they thought it was a good idea to put this giant turtle in the game.  And then there were the cute looking Cactuar, these things are small but evil. They shoot you with a thousand needles for no reason what so ever.

There are times when I like the story line. And then other times that I don’t. It does not make sense at all. Especially, when you kill off the main characters. Deciding to make the game sad and causes the player to rage. You got so far, and this is how you decide to treat me.  I’m annoyed but I might as well finish it.

Final Fantasy and I really have one of those love and hate relationships. Regardless, of how you feel as a Fan, we continue to rage and still play these games.  Final Fantasy is a good franchise if you like RPGs.  It has its up’s and down’s but we continue to play and hope for the best.

Square Enix will always have my money whether I like it or not.  I can not help myself. A game filled with hot guys, monsters, adventure, and apparently pain.  I really do not know when if this will ever end but, be warned once you play one you will want to play another and, another. It will continue and Square Enix will inevitably get your money.  You can’t help but crave to more.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

To be honest, I really can not wait for the Final Fantasy 7 remake to be released. Even though I can not forgive Cloud for what happened to Zack.  But, with the updated graphics is making it very tempting. If you never played the original this is a must.
I would like to thank DJ Date Masamune for hosting this panel.  I really enjoyed it.

I hope to see her again next year at AnimeNext.

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