(5 Years Of) Japanese Indie Music


I’ve been a fan of Japanese Music since 2003.  And while Anime Next had us running all over the Atlantic City Convention Center.  One of the panels, I had the pleasure of sitting in on was  (5 Years Of) Japanese Indie Music hosted by John Carroll.

Essentially, this panel consists of a playlist of video chosen by Carroll. And a brief introduction or anecdotal description that leads to the music videos.  His selections were on point musically speaking and visually speaking.  Vibrant colors, props, and interesting concepts.  And awesome names to boot.

In recent years, Japan has enforced internet piracy laws relentlessly, making finding content via platforms like Youtube that much more difficult. I’ve been saying for a while, that I wanted to get back into the J-Rock and J-Indie scene but had no clue where to start. Here was my gateway.

Prior to this panel, I’ve been listening to ANNA inspi’, Asian Kung Fu Generation, JINN, Do as Infinity and Jill-Decoy association (Technically a Jazz Ensemble or Band). To name a few.  Ironically enough, I was first introduced to these bands through anime opening and ending theme. Aside from these bands, I also listen to Anime Rock Band TheAsterplace which I’ve encounter via an Anime Convention.

In terms of foreign music, my taste differs based on genres. I don’t have the same criteria as I would like when listening to something in my native tongue.  With foreign stuff, I’m a lot less picky but I still have a preference.  To my pleasant surprise, I liked the majority of what was played. Trust me, I am not an easy person to convince. I’m skeptical about most things.

John’s playlist consisted of 12 Songs. Here are some honorable mentions.

NUMBER GIRL – 鉄風鋭くなって (Teppu Surudoku Natte)


white white sisters – Never Ever Land 


0.8Syooogeki – Beatnik Killers

Suiseinoboaz – E.O.W.

So check them out and let me know what you think.  Thanks for passing through.


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