Marcus Ariah is an artist to watch. This Jersey native is very talented.  He recently dropped a music video for his song Famous is off of his up and coming album titled Making A Man.

Making A Man drops in August.

This a song of triumph-Of celebration. A song about reflecting on your journey. And how different people treat you because of it.  And, also coming to terms with that growth while still staying grounded.  But also, using all these changes to fuel your drive so you can continue to strive for something better. Never forgetting the people who held you down along the way.

Production wise: This song is smooth. The lyrics are fun but pack a punch.  Some are light-hearted and others are serious.  The interesting thing about it, even the serious lines have a comical edge to them. I also love the shift in performance from the chorus to the verses.  Even though he went from singing to rapping, I love the fact that it doesn’t feel awkward.  And the fact that the energy was never fleeting, it was solid throughout the entire song. The video just made it that much more enjoyable.

Famous is available for purchase on Apple Music, Google play and Amazon

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 Famous is available for purchase on Apple Music, Google play and Amazon

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