12 Days of Anime: Favorite Japanese Snacks


I love a good snack to munch on throughout the day. I usually buy Japanese snacks from my local supermarket that has a handful of options. If I’m in Manhattan I would stop by a supermarket in China Town. I also used to order off a Japanese snack website that shut down a year or two ago. Cons are usually when I rack up on snacks. I now use a new website I want to introduce to you all if you wanted to order Japanese Snacks that aren’t around you locally.

Asian Food Grocer and Candysan are my go-to sites if I don’t make a trip to Manhattan or want something more than Yan Yan and Chocolate Pocky from the supermarket. They are pretty reasonable price wise. I use Candysan for the variety and when I feel like spurlging. Candysan ships directly from Japan so it will take some time to get to the states. I’ll purchase from Candysan anything I’m willing to try for the first time.

I always order chocolates in the winter time because that summer heat is deadly for chocolate. I order from Asian Food Grocer if I want some snacks faster. AFG has a location in California so I usually get my order within a week of placing my order. I like AFG selection because they have a few of my favorites that I order all the time.

Below are a few of my favorites I buy on a regular basis.

Cookie and Cream Pocky

Image result for cookie and cream pocky

Hi-Chew Sours

Image result for hi-chew sour

Imei Puff Chocolate

Image result for IMEI PUFF CHOCOLATE

Tsubuan Pan (Bean Paste)

Image result for TSUBUAN PAN

Maid Cookies

Maid Cookie

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