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Imagine the world was one giant clock and made up of nothing but gears and screws. In this anime, the entire world was reborn as one giant clock and yet there is still life on the planet.
The story begins in the far future after Planet Earth dies, an engineer known only as “Y” managed to revive the planet using gears and clockwork.  The planet was then named “Clockwork Planet“, where all the cities are built on gears.

A thousand years in the future, a boy named Naoto Miura finds a crate after it crashed through the ceiling of his home and inside he found a girl in a coffin. Naoto who loves machines finds that the girl is a broken automaton.

Naoto uses his gift of a superior sense of hearing to fix the automaton. The automaton wakes up and reveals herself to be RyuZu, and promises to serve Naoto for his entire life. Later they both meet Marie Bell Breguet the youngest “Miester” and her bodyguard Vainney Halter, an automaton who they learn we’re both looking for RyuZu.
They all come together to fight terrorists, who are trying to destroy the world.
Image result for clockwork planetNaoto is the funniest character in this series. He calls RyuZu his wife and her sister AnchoR is his daughter. This is the funniest and most complex family you can possibly ever meet.

Naoto is also a huge pervert and is obsessed with RyuZu. AnchoR is sweet but at the same time deadly when she transforms to combat mode. And RyuZu is the same as her sister AnchoR.

This is a fun and enjoyable anime series to watch. I hope for a second season soon.

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