Case Closed: The Boy That Will Never Grow Up


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This is the longest running anime! I believe will never end. I ‘ve waited many years for this show to end but, it hasn’t. I believe even in my final moments, this anime will somehow continue on and poor Conan will never know what being an adult feels like.
After so many episodes, you would think he figured out how to break the curse but no, the false sense of hope continues.  You keep hoping that he will turn back to normal and the series will end. But it never happens.

This anime series is currently running 800 plus episodes.   There are also twenty-one featured films, Live action specials, videos games and other types of media. I lost track of the series at some point along the way. I literally gave up!  I contemplated and was left thinking, is any of this possible.  How can this possibly drag this out for this long?
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In the series, there are few times where Conan turns back to his teenage self but it never really lasts long. The manga series is extremely long it, It would take forever to for me to catch up or anyone first introduced for that matter.  And the anime is not any better.  I am not saying that the show is bad, at all,  it is actually very good but, it needs to end!

And when it finally does, maybe then I’ll  finish watching it.
I just I hope that one day, Conan, can grow up and turn to normal again…
One Day……

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