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This year I was able to enjoy the AMV (Anime Music Video) contest. An AMV is a fan-made music video incorporating clips of one or more animated shows or movies. I started watching AMV’s on Youtube and the process is very tedious and time consuming cutting up the video clips, and editing it to make the video fit with the song. What I love most is how when you’re watching a AMV, it is like getting a preview of the anime which I think is better then watching a trailer because, it gives, more of an inside on what to look forward to in the show or movie.

AnimeNEXT has been hosting the AMV contest for years and overtime it has become a tradition. This was my first time attending an AMV contest, and I really enjoyed watching the contestant’s AMV’s and how they correlated it with the given theme’s.
There were six categories where contestants can submit their AMV to but, the AMV must go along with the theme and then the convention attendee’s had the chance to vote for their favorite video they liked best. The categories were Trailer, Dramatic/Serious, Action, Romance/Sentimental, Fun/Upbeat and Comedy/Parody. Everyone who submitted did a wonderful job and here are the results of the contest winners.

Coordinator’s Choice

Daydream/Return” by ZephyrStar

Best Trailer

Winner: Gina Nelson – IT-Otoro – “IT” (2017) trailer audio – My Neighbor Totoro
Runner up: FanEditz – Beauty and the Ancient Magus – “Beauty and the Beast” (2017) trailer audio – The Ancient Magus Bride

Best Dramatic/Serious

Winner: Miracle_Falcon – Fullmetal Hamilton: An Amestrian Musical– song: “Alexander Hamilton” from Hamilton – Fullmetal Alchemist
Runner-up: AnimeMashup – Muse-ic- “Nothing Stopping Me” by Vicetone ft. Kat Nestel – You Lie In April

Best Romance/Sentimental

Winner: Shorisquared – Familiar- “When She Loved Me” by Sarah Mclachlan (from Toy Story 2) She and Her Cat: Everything Flows

Runner-up: BecauseIM Bored1 –Dream the Impossible – “A Million Dreams” from The Greatest Showman – Gurren Lagann

Best Action

Winner: DL – Holding Out For (more) MY Hero Academia – “Holding Out for a Hero” by Jennifer Sanders – My Hero Academia

Runner-up: DopplerDo –Down the Road – “Down the Road” by C2C – Cowboy Bebop

Best Fun/Upbeat

Winner: Gina Nelson – SPF (Stereotypical Party Filler) “Cake by the Ocean” by DNCE – Various Animes

Runner-up: Kireblue –Technicolor Dreamer – “Black & White” by Todrickhall – Little Witch Acedemia

Best Comedy/Parody

Winner: Mycathatesyou69 and King Redeem – Dunces and Dragons – “Dragon Slayer” by Ninja Sex Party- Various AnRunner-uimes

Runner-up: PaNTSU oF D00m – Corporate Panda – “Crawling” by Linkin Park – Aggressive Retsuko

These are AnimeNEXT 2018 winners and runner-up’s for the AMV contest. They were all good AMV’s. The Romance/Sentimental and the Comedy/Parody were my favorite categories. The Familiar AMV by BecauseIMBored1 was very touching. It had me in tears at the end. The parody Dunces & Dragons was hilarious it was a good combination of random anime bits. This year the runner-up’s were as good as the winner’s it was a tough choice to vote. I can not wait to see next’s years AMV’s contest at AnimeNEXT and see what people put together for their AMV’s.

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  1. A slight correction — we actually do not set the categories in advance. Each contestant notes multiple categories their entry (or entries) might fit in when they send the entry form, and we decide what the categories will be only after the finalists have been selected.
    So in years when there were enough outstanding videos to support them, we’ve had categories like Horror, Artistic, and Character Profile. Conversely, sometimes we don’t have a Trailers category, and one year we even had no Action category (2016).

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