BlerdCon 2019: JSOUL + Sinitus Tempo

JSOUL and Sinitus Tempo

One of the many performances on the second day of Blerd Con included an amazing vibed set from Maryland Producers JSOUL and Sinitus Tempo. Their set consisted of the original music they created, mostly instrumentals but it was the coolest Hip-Hop vibe. This was my first introduction to them which made me dig a little deeper into their individual archive when I got back home. One thing I loved about their set was the music had old school Hip-Hop vibes that really made me feel the love for good music.

Courtesy of JSOUL Facebook

Starting with JSOUL and the music he’s produced over the years. 18 years in the industry is a big milestone for a successful Indie Artist. With 11 projects already out there and working with many artists to curate these amazing albums. JSOUL not only self produces all his projects but also lays down the vocals on some tracks. I got the chance to listen to his earlier projects and Black Sinatra is probably my favorite so far. The artists and the overall sound of the album really made me want more.

I look forward to listening to more and as a new fan I hope to hear more from JSOUL in the future, I’m excited about the new sounds. I also found this video while on YouTube that really embodied what JSOUL’s music sounds and vibes are like.

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Courtesy of Sinitus Tempo Facebook

Now onto Sinitus Tempo’s music, I got to listen to a few projects he worked on with well-known artists like OG MACO, Substantial, Sammus, and Mick Jenkins. Sinitus Tempo worked with a lot of amazing artists and with a few big companies one being Funimation. There’s a lot going on for him as a successful musician and producer from Maryland.

I listened to a few of the anime-themed projects Sinitus has on Spotify and was very surprised of the cool and soothing Hip-Hop vibes. There’s a project with Samurai Champloo as the cover art called Born Legends III: Final Act. This sounds like music that could have been in Samurai Champloo and it made my little heart dance because this is one of my favorite animes because if the Hip-Hop element throughout the show.

Below is all the information needed to find everything Sinitus Tempo

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