BlerdCon 2019: Substantial & Stephanie Gayle w/ DJ AAROCK Concert

Substantial & Stephanie Gayle

In a series of performances at BlerdCon, we got the chance to see Substantial perform a set. This was my first introduction to Substantial and I was blown away by the lyricism that he delivered. I’m a Hip-Hop fan and love being introduced to new Hip-Hop I have yet to discover. Substantial gained a new fan that night. Stephanie Gayle and DJ AAROCK were his guests, Stephanie performed a song off her latest project. She has such a beautiful voice that meshed so well with Substantial’s flow that it created an amazing soulful vibe.


Substantial is a Maryland born and raised MC, Producer, Artist, and Educator. Debuting in 2000 puts him at almost 20 years in the game and it shows. Substantial’s humble presence on stage is what draws you to him, his personality is fun and upbeat keeps your attention. Keeping the audience interactive at a con is pretty hard to do. In my experience of going to concerts at cons, many of the con-goers aren’t really as lively as many artists need them to be. Substantial had the audience participating in his songs on the first try and I haven’t seen that in a long time. That goes to show how his stage presence affects the crowd and his energy was high throughout the performance keeping our energy up with him was the fun part.

Here’s a clip Lizzo captured at the performance of Substantial

Stephanie Gayle

Stepanie is also from Maryland, she’s a Singer, Songwriter, Artist, and Producer. Stephanie has a beautiful voice, she performed a single called Vulnerable off her latest project Songs about V. I fell in love with the song and really felt the emotion and message. I really hope others picked up this message and listened to the rest of the project because the album was a great body of work.

Here’s a clip Lizzo captured of Stephanie’s performance

Substantial has a few more performances coming up, July 25th Substantial and other artists will be performing at Coolidge Auditorium in Washington, DC. July 26th Substantial and Stephanie Gayle will be performing at Otakon 2019. August 1st Substantial has a performance in California at The Catch One Night Club. Click the links to purchase tickets for their upcoming performances. Below is all the information needed to get in touch with some great artists and their bodies of work.

Substantial’s Information

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Stephanie Gayle’s Information

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