Press Play: Legendary Collabs (KR Edition)


My first encounter with K-pop was back in the early 90′s.  Courtesy of Seo Taiji and The Boys ; Nan Arayo (I know).  Due to the fact that I was a young lass at the time, my path into the Kpop realm wouldn’t come to years later. When I was introduced to BoA during her invasion into the Japanese market; back in 2003. But I didn’t officially become a full fledged K music fan until 2007.
One of the things, that drew me in was the familiarity in sound. And the likeness, I found in Korean and American music.  But today, the bridge between the two styles is more visible them ever. Between the reign of Gangnam Style and more recently Cohort’s It G Ma.  CL of 2ne1, and her attempts at an American debut. I decided to take the time to reflect on my own journey through K-land.

Here are someone my favorite collabs between Korean and American artist. I want to start something fairly recent.

1. AEAO (Ft. DJ Premier) – Dynamic Duo

Dynamic Duo is such a talented group and I’ve been a fan for years.  And when, I heard that they locked in Premo. I knew this track would be fire without question. I loved the old school vibe the beat gave me. And the scratching took it to another level.  Respect.

2. Niliria (ft. Missy Elliott)  – G-Dragon
Missy Eliott and GD in my opinion a golden collab. Their sound and energy was so in sync.  I would love to see a part 2. Hint Hint  The homage was real and risky at the same time.  I applaud GD for that.

3. Man up (ft. Rain) – Omarion
JYP: The Asian Soul Presents – Almost as epic as the whisper 
Rain back in his JYP days. Never really been a fan of Omarion but I really loved this song. He and rain work well together. And the fact, that this actually appeared on his album was pretty cool.

4. Ambassador Slang – Rakaa 
This track has a shit load of features. Tasha, Tiger JK, Tablo, Roscoe Umali and Tablo.  And a few others. Rakaa of Dilated Peoples being the driving force behind this track, it was featured on his album after all.

5 . Take Control (ft. Se7en) – Amerie

There were tons of others I could have mentioned. Like JinuSean, Baby Vox and Boa. Or even more recently, Psy, Rapmon and Girls Generation. Brian McKnight, even popped up on a track.  I picked songs, that at a time were on constant repeat. But what are some of your favorite songs? Or some you think I should check out.  Let me know and Thank you for passing though

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