Anime NYC 2019: You want to start an Anime Business (Panel)



Have you ever thought about starting an anime business?  What would it take? What would you need to know, and what are you willing to sacrifice to get there?  These are all questions that you should ask yourself.  You want to start an Anime Business (Panel) is here to help you get started.  Hosted by Danny Choo, the founder of Smart Dolls.

Man-animenyc-wordsI have never really thought about starting an anime business.  But I have thought about working in animation.  At one point, as a voice actor and others as an ADR \and show director, that partially why this panel warranted my attention. But more importantly, because I am a small business owner and also because I was curious.

Being a small or independent business owner takes a lot of work.  Danny shares some common deterrents that could trip you up regardless of your industry.  I think the most significant base he covered was the “YOU” aspect, which is true.  You are and can be an obstacle for yourself.  Sometimes you need to get out your own way. That’s something I believe in wholeheartedly. I’m working on every day.


The Smart Doll founder also talked about his introduction to Japanese culture,  And how he used his love for said culture to pave a path as an entrepreneur. Choo goes into topics such as branding, building relationships, and other things that you would need to know when starting an anime business.   

Something that really stuck with me was his warning about the comfort zone.  How dangerous being there can really be, regardless of what the name implies.  I really felt that.  Because anytime I start to get comfortable somewhere, life seems to intervene and knock me back on my toes.

Danny Choo _Anime NYC 2019 (Panel)

Living life on your term is crucial.  Finding purpose and joy in what you do is equally as important.  Because I don’t want to regret not chasing my dreams on my death bed. I also feel like this is something that my fellow dream chasers can relate too.   This was another topic that Danny proposed to us as he went through his presentation.

This panel was really a lot to take in.   But I learned a few things, and hopefully, we’ll be able to apply some of these things into what we’re doing over here at SDE.  And if it’s in the cards, we’ll flourish beyond our wildest dreams.

Have you ever thought about starting your own anime business?

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