Anime NYC 2019: Interview with Shotaro Chida


Over Anime NYC weekend I got the opportunity to interview Co-Founder/COO of MyDearest Shotaro Chida. Tokyo Chronos is MyDearest’s latest project that they brought to life with VR gaming. MyDearest has a VR focused production team. They work on VR Novels that tell a story that’ll captivate you into this new world. VR is becoming more popular as more game titles are becoming available and MyDearest is taking a different take on VR games that more story-driven which is different from the usual interactive games we’re used to playing.

I think this will be great for them since this is a style that a lot of gamer like myself like to play to wind down and not be as active as we should, it’ll allow us to just enjoy a story being told right before our eyes. We don’t have many storytelling games like we used to and to see that developers like MyDearest still care for stories show that there’s still a chance to get into someone’s creation and see how it’ll all play out before your eyes.

After the interview, Lizzo and I got the chance to play the demo of Tokyo Chronos at Anime NYC. I play VR games about once or twice a month since I own an Oculus. In the world of Tokyo Chronos is very vivid and character designs are beautiful. The demo was only 5 minutes but that’s long enough for me to want to continue this mystery novel. I do want to add a trigger warning for suicide, in one of the trailers as well as the prologue of the game shows a young woman’s figure jumping off the top of a building.

Below are two trailers for Tokyo Chronos

I asked Shotaro what inspired Tokyo Chronos to be a mystery novel. His response VR is becoming very popular wanted to create a story for VR that is a character-based and story-driven game. To introduce a new take on Storytelling. VR is about moving the body but we wanted to go in a different direction that would move your heart.

The team working on this project was also mentioned. Director Haruki Kashiwakura, he was also the motion director of Expelled from Paradise. Sword Art Online producer Kazuma Miki worked on Tokyo Chronos as editor and producer. Character design is by LAM, a very talented artist.

Shotaro also went into a bit of detail about the world of Tokyo Chronos. The story starts out as you playing the main character Kyosuke Sakurai stuck in an alternate world of Shibuya, Japan. You have to find out who killed your childhood best friend to return back to the real world. There is only one killer to find and you have to interact with the other characters to solve this mystery and get back home.

Tokyo Chronos is available now on many VR platforms for gamers to enjoy. There are over 15 hours of the storyline that will keep you busy. Open yourself to this world of mystery and help find the killer.

Steam Store | Oculus Store | Playstation VR Store

I want to mention the newly announced ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos that will be released in 2020. The trailer has been released, the trailer doesn’t really show anything but the mystery lives on. For me, it looks like a continuation of the story in Tokyo Chronos.

ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos Trailer

Tokyo Chronos Information

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