Anime NYC 2019: Interview with Ming-Yang Yu


shadow-girlWhile at Anime NYC,   We were invited to test out Rayark Games, a new game called DEEMO- Reborn- which is based on an original title of the same time. DEEMO is a mobile rhythm game where players tap on an in-game piano to play notes on the screen.  DEEMO -Reborn- is an updated version which adds puzzles, and other elements to make a more immersive game experience. We were also able to sit down with game creator and CEO Ming-Yang Yu and talk about the game further. Here is what he had to say. 

Deemo -Reborn-
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1) Could you tell us a little bit about the game?

Ming-Yang Yu: The origin of DEEMO is the title, and it’s a music game with piano, but it tells a story. It’s gotten more than 23 Million downloads all over the world. Because of the fanbase and because we wanted to make it more real, we made a new version.  We remade the 2D mobile game for the PS4- a next-gen console.  It’s also supported by VR, which puts the players into the VR world. In DEEMO’s mystery world where you can see every detail.  And you can play the piano using the PlayStation move controller to hit the notes.

2) Based on the images I’ve seen from the game. It has a horror/suspense vibe. Was that something you were leaning towards?                                                                                               

Ming-Yang Yu: Image wise, it’s more mystery.  There is a little girl from a different world, and she wants to go back home. Then there’s a dark creature called DEEMO, who helps her. When DEEMO plays the piano, there is a tree that grows bigger.  They use the tree to take the little back to the sky from where she fell. 

3) Kind of like Alice in Wonderland  It kind of feels like that. 

Ming-Yang Yu: Yeah.

4)  I have a question about DEEMO. Is he wearing just a Bow tie and a necklace, or does he have on a suit jacket? 

Ming-Yang Yu: It’s part of his body. It’s like a shadow

5)  How did you go about picking the music from the game?

Ming-Yang Yu: We used a lot of the classics from the older DEEMO. We also made a lot of new music for DEEMO -Reborn-.

6) So all the songs were made specifically for DEEMO.

Ming-Yang Yu: Yes, yes, yes.

I would like to thank Mr. Yu for taking the time to chat with me.

DEEMO -Reborn- releases both digital and physically on November 21.


In collaboration with Pony Canyon and  Production I.G is currently in production.

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