Anime NYC 2018: Japanese Illustrator Range Murata


This weekend is Anime NYC 2018, the second year of Anime NYC and it’s going to be jammed packed with so many amazing guests. Many of the guests are from Japan and that’s what I really like about AnimeNYC, no other convention has a guest list full of the very people who worked on the original projects for the shows we love.
Well-known Japanese Illustrator Range Murata will be there this weekend! He’s most popular for his character designs on various projects like Attack on Titan: The Harsh Mistress of the City, Netflix’s ID-0 and his debut character designs on 1993’s fighting game Groove on Fight.
Range Murata worked with Studio Gonzo for years, Shangri-La, SoltyRei and Blue Submarine no. 6 just to name a few projects. Range has done various amounts of work as a freelance illustrator after retiring from the gaming industry in 1996. Range Murata has so much under his belt and to have a decorated Japanese Illustrator to come to Anime NYC  which is only in the second year is a big win in my eyes for Anime NYC.

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Range Murata

I love a lot of projects from Studio Gonzo, so I’m familiar with a few of the titles Range has worked on. Shangri-La is one of my favorites off the list , when I first watched it I didn’t think about the effects of global warming, I wasn’t thinking about the earth’s health in high school. I did get a chance to rewatch earlier this year and watching the progression of what climate change is doing to the world and how Japan starts to deteriorate each episode. I was blown away.
Shangri-La can be seen on the Funimation|Now streaming service. The dubbed version is the only one available but its a good watch , so be sure to add to it to your list if you haven’t seen it already.

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Range Murata will be appearing in panels and doing signings at Anime NYC so be sure to check out his work and show your support!
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