Amoeba Culture Concert (2015)


The NYC Amoeba Culture concert went down Saturday night on March 28th here is some photos from the concert of course we’re far from the stage and everyone is having fun we hope you guys enjoy a few photos we took for this event.
The Artist that performed was Crush, Zion T, Primary and Dynamic Duo all from the Amoeba Culture record label based in South Korea.In all the concert was fun and i would go again if they do come back to NYC but the only thing i did not like is when Dynamic Duo performed “Three Dope Boyz” without Zion T that was personal for me because Zion T is my favorite part of the song. They made up for it with their energized performance.For video footage check out our YouTube page linked below.
image     Crush was the first performer

image         Zion T came in after and literally mellowed everyone out his set was my favorite.

Gaeko from Dynamic Duo

Choiza of Dynamic Duo & Primary

Encore Finale

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