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Amnesia アムネシア (Amuneshia) is a story centralized on a heroine who has amnesia and her journey to find her lost memories. With the help of several possible love interests and her spirit guide Orion, the heroine slowly recovers parts of her memories. The main character finds herself in a different situation every time a crisis occurs in an alternate universe with a different love interest. Each encounter is different depending on her love interest and her interactions with the other male characters. This anime is based on a otome (visual novel) game of the same name.

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Video Game:
In Amnesia, the game, you play a female character who chooses between a variety of different male love interests. Each character has a symbol associated with a deck of cards. (Heart, Diamond, Clover, Spade, or Joker)  Each route focuses on a different relationship. Orion, who is your guide, assists you along the way.  Each route is a parallel universe, where the heroine must recover her memories and build on their relationship with the selected male character
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The anime series begins with the heroine escaping a burning church and then drowning. She then wakes up in a cafe and does not recall anyone or anything. Somehow she lost all her memories.

While everyone, she “apparently” knows argues about on how to help her. She meets a little boy named Orion and learns that he is a spirit set out to assist her.  Orion tells her she lost her memory 3 days before August 1st due to his carelessness. As the heroine, travels around the town, she slowly gains back pieces of her memory. And when the heroine finds herself in danger, a mysterious man with green hair appears and saves her.

When she goes out with Kent, she falls off a cliff and wakes up in the hospital on August 1st. Every-time she dies, she wakes up in a different relationship with another guy.  The man with the green hair continues to appear. With the help of Orion, the heroine seeks out not only to find her memories but, to understand why she keeps going back to August 1st.

This anime is pretty good, if you are a fan of the reverse harem genre but it does have its flaws. There are parts during the story line, that can be very confusing if you have not played the video game.  I do, however, like the way the creator shows her in different relationships with each of the male characters. This story takes many turns but overall, I think it was good to watch. Even though, I would have preferred multiple endings like in the anime School Days.

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