5 Romance Anime to Explore while Quarantined

With the Corona Virus running rampant, this is the perfect time to host an Anime watch party. Grab your family, roommates, or those you live with. Go at it solo or video chat with some friends.  Grab some snacks, beverages, and let’s get this on and cracking.  Here my list of 5 Romance Anime to Explore while Quarantined

boy-girl-sky-anime-you're lie in april
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You’re Lie in April is a 22 episode series following a high school student named Arima Kosei animated by A-1 Pictures.  YLIA had me in my feelings.  This series really is an emotional rollercoaster and makes you feel every emotion needed for a great story.  While it focuses on the budding romance between Arima and Kaori, it dives deeper. It also addresses love in different forms, which it’s often messy and complicated. And that resonated with me so much, plus the animation is just gorgeous.

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Say I Love You is a 13 episode teenage slice of life animated by Zexcs Studio. Say I Love You is a more realistic take on the romance genre. The series doesn’t heavily rely on the comical and toxic tropes that plague this genre. Even though the focuses on Tachibana Mei and Kurasawa Yamato,  slowing developed relationships, it doesn’t end there. It switches gears and follows other cast members. So it’s like getting a two for one deal.

Boy - girl - kick - anime - Maid Sama!
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Maid Sama! is a 26 episode anime following student council President Ayusawa Misaki. First off, Takumi Usui plays way too much and as likable as he is, Misaki lets him get away with way too much, but I digress.

This anime is hilarious. Misaki and Usui’s relationship is a full-on comedy set.  Over-used tropes and all but it’s really entertaining. It’s hard not to crack a smile. More importantly, Misaki is a rider, and her struggles are relatable. (Some of them anyway) She’s up against the odds, and you just want to see her win. Definitely, one to check it out. 

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Kids on the Slope is a coming of age tale animated by MAPPA and Tezuka Productions. Kids on the Slope follows first-year high school student Nishimi Kaoru as he befriends Kawabuchi Sentaro.  This series is a love story with a strong focus on friendship. Add in music from acclaimed composer Yoko Kanno and the director of Shinichiro Watanabe. Here lies a dope and compelling story.  The soundtrack is a force to be reckoned with and off rip, for that reason alone earns a watch.

Rumbling hearts - anime - Man - window

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Rumbling Hearts is an anime with some really ain’t shit ass people. There isn’t honor amongst thieves.  Essentially how this plays out but in a slice of life romance way.   If you’re looking for something raw and with a more adult tone.  This might be the anime for you.  But don’t say I didn’t warn ya. 

There you have it. My list of 5 Romance Anime to Explore While Quarantined.  The goal was to keep the episode count low and give a variety of feelings.  Something to make you sad, get you laughing, something to make you reflect, something to take you back, and something to make you mad.  Let me know how did I do.

What are some anime you would recommend for a watch party?