12 Days of Anime: What's considered Anime? (Day 8)


What is anime? According to sources, anime is the Japanese term for animation. Outside Japan, anime refers specifically to animation from Japan or animation style often characterized by colorful graphics, distinct character designs, and fantastical themes

source: genuis.com

Personally, I’ve defined anime as both at different periods of my life. I was one of those people who would get irked when people would refer to anime as cartoons. While now, I realized that they weren’t exactly wrong but my annoyance was still warranted because I was often met with a condensing tone. So for that, they can kick rocks. But let’s not get off topic,
The way I classify anime now is how the Japanese do (Creators of the term) anime is another word for animation.  Before you start attacking me, in the comment section or on Twitter, hear me out first.
I’m well aware, that Japanese animation is stylized and there are characteristics that are specific to this corner of the world.  But anime/animation isn’t a genre like many people think but rather another medium for storytelling.  I think looking at it in any other way is a great disservice. I think is the reason why the elitist mentality is so rampant within the community but that’s a story for another day,
If anime is strictly a Japanese thing, it has to come from the island to qualify. That’s a valid and clear stance.
Let’s take a show like Legend of Korra for instance. A large portion of American animation (exception of Disney, Viacom) would be South Korean because the majority of our work is outsourced there. Saying its American because the story was written there but could be easily argued but it could also go the other way because the  South Korean studio is responsible for directing the vision and modeling the physical project so it could easily be Korean. This show has Japanese animation elements, so that’s also something to consider. The point I’m trying get at is arguing either case is valid but it makes you look kind of silly because they’re not a clear-cut answer. It’s a matter of opinion.

Is the Boondocks an Anime? 

Is Avatar: The Last Airbender an anime?

I sure think so. I’m not sure if I made my point clear but there you have. I’m siding with Japan on this one because it just makes sense to me.

When I finally finish an anime
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How do you classify anime? 

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