12 Days of Anime: For the Love of Bulbasaur


To start off my contribution to 12 Days of Anime, I wanted to write about how I became a big fan of Bulbasaur. It’s an unusual story that led to a slight obsession over this Pokemon but I’m pretty sure someone out there is my kindred spirit on this one. Bulbasaur and their evolution’s are one of the best things I got from Pokemon. Oh! and Ash telling me to never give up but our focus is on this cutie.

Happy Bulbasaur

I watched Pokemon on (what I believe was ) Cartoon Network when I was younger and it was the best thing for my little heart. Candy ain’t have nothing on Pokemon, as soon as the show started I was glued to the TV. Here’s the thing that was weird to me now that I think back, once Pokemon went off I didn’t stick around for any other shows. I was really a one and done type of kid, I saw what I came for and now I need to go do homework or something else. 

Artwork by AudGreen

Pokemon was a really big part of my childhood because of how obsessed I became with seeing real-life animals become so much more with due to someones imagination. Then Pokemon led to my obsession with Bulbasaur which is still thriving today. 

I’m currently working on growing my collection of Bulbasaur, Ivysaur and Venusaur items which seems to be quite difficult for me. I see a lot of the same plushies of Bulbasaur but Ivysaur and Venusaur don’t get a lot of love. I’ve also been looking to commission artwork for all 3 evolution’s and ones with them separately. I do have at least one piece of artwork with all three but of course, that’s not enough.

I really started falling in love with how Bulbasaur was portrayed on the show. Bulbasaur was the sassy but loyal Pokemon and its my favorite color green. It could also go for turquoise but I see green. Grass Pokemon became my favorite after playing my first Pokemon video game. Bulbasaur has a pretty sad background story but most of the Pokemon do, especially Cubone. Bulbasaur was also my first choice when I played but I had no idea I’d become obsessed with plants and just about anything green. I do believe obsessing over Bulbasaur created my love for plants, so I started surrounding myself with them. How can you deny something so cute!

Bulbasaur is a mix of many things but is labeled as a “Mysterious Bulb” and I think that’s the cutest thing ever. The first time I saw Bulbasaur, I thought it was a frog or a dinosaur but no one knew either, that made me love it even more.  Then came Ivysaur and Venusaur which makes everything even more confusing to try and figure out.  I decided to not put them in a box and just acknowledge it’s just a mix of dinosaurs, amphibian, plant etc. These are probably one of the few Pokemon animal hybrids where we can’t really pinpoint to a real animal. 

As for the #1 Pokemon in the Pokedex, I’m super proud to be obsessed with something so cute. The GIF above is from the new Detective Pikachu movie, coming out next year. Below is a realistic art concept by artist RJ Palmer. RJ has been drawing realistic Pokemon for about 6 years and landed a job as an illustrator for the Detective Pikachu movie. I saw the trailer and was sold after seeing this pack of Bulbasaur for a few seconds. I will go see this movie and hopefully Bulbasaur has a good amount of screen time because look how cute they are! Can’t say that for a lot of the other Pokemon featured in the trailer.

RJ Palmer concept art for Bulbasaur
Pokemon Detective Pikachu Trailer




RJ Palmer

Aud Green


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