12 Days of Anime: Cats and Anime


Day 2 of 12 Days of Anime and I thought i’d get a little personal and introduce my babies. Cats are one of my favorite things in life and nothing can keep me away from annoying one of mine. The first anime cat I saw was in Sailor Moon way before I even had a pet. I believe Luna was the first one I saw that always made me want a black cat. Anime with cats in them are on my absolute must watch list. 

I currently have 3 cats that usually lay with me while I watch anime. There’s Shadow (18 Years old), Tiger (9 Years old), Zo (6 Months). If you’ve ever seen my Instagram I posted a lot of one cat her name is Fluffy (9 Years old), I can’t really make a post about my cats without mentioning my Familiar. I decided to write a post about the anime I watched with each cat that made them actually pay attention to the TV. 

Shadow’s favorite to watch was Kiki’s Delivery Service. This is my first cat so I didn’t know cats pay attention to TVs. When I first watched this movie when I got her as a kitten she would watch it with me like she was interested. I was in complete awe that she’s paying attention to this that I stayed completely motionless and didn’t watch the movie. After watching her for a majority of the movie I had to rewind the VHS tape so I could actually watch the movie. Nothing but happy memories for my OG cat.


Fluffy’s favorite was Azumanga Daioh. I honestly think she only paid attention to the screen when she heard Osaka speak. Maybe Osaka was her favorite character, she is mine in this series. Fluffy never looked at the screen when the cat Kamineko bites Sakaki’s hand. I tried with all my might to get her to see an anime cat and failed horribly. I watched Azumanga Daioh a number of times and she would only look up for Osaka but only in the dubbed version. 


Tiger’s favorite was Naruto. When I started watching Naruto, Tiger would only pay attention when Naruto screamed. She paid attention to every episode I watched. Naruto screamed a lot now that I think back on it. Her eyes were definitely glued during a fight scene because of how fast everyone moved. I remember her jumping up to the TV trying to catch a ninja, that was my highlight when I watched Naruto. I plan to rewatch Naruto because I did stop somewhere in the mix of the 100s and I feel so lost watching Shippuden so I will be making that a new year mission.


I haven’t seen much anime since getting Zo but I did get to rewatch some Inuyasha episodes. Zo’s favorite anime will be Inuyasha since it’s the only one I’ve seen with him. Zo is a very active kitten and loves to swat at my TV when Inuyasha is on, so when he hears Kilala makes a sound he’d jump right in front of the screen. I like to think Sango is his favorite because whenever she threw her Hiraikotsu he’d tries to catch it. It was the cutest thing ever and when I stopped watching Inuyasha he stopped swatting at my TV. I feel compelled to let him have his fun and throw on a Sango episode, I’ll do it for him soon. Maybe as a Christmas reward, I’ll let him reconnect with his faves.


Aren’t cats just the cutest. Thank you for taking the time to read about my cats and what I believe is their favorite anime since it caught their attention. Cats and anime have become a huge part of my life growing up and I’m so happy to enjoy watching my favorite anime with some of my favorite beings. 

Do you have any anime you can recommend with cats?




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