12 Days of Anime: 8 Reasons to attend an Anime Convention (Day 5)


I attended my first anime convention back in 2007 with my younger cousin and Drey.   Since then I’ve attended, two cons per year for the past 11 years up until last year when the number increased quite rapidly in our pursuit to build SDE. Over the years, I watched the convention circuit change in many ways and for those of you who are apprehensive about attending your first con (for whatever reason).

Here is why I think you should attend your first anime convention.

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  1. A Great opportunity to mingle other fans.                                                                        

I was lucky enough to grow up with friends who were into nerdy things and when I got into to High School I made more. I realize a lot of people come from different circumstances where they don’t have anyone in their circle who is into the same things.  An anime convention/comic convention is a great opportunity to change that, even if it’s only for the day.
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2. Cosplay without judgment. It can be an escape from your regular day-to-day. 
At an Anime Convention, you can just let loose. Be yourself with people who are most likely doing the same. Indulge in the anime and just push everything to the back of your mind and be present. Ogle at that Statues or gush over that cute Pikachu plushie that you found at a vendors table.
I love cosplay and I get the feeling you might too. This is a great opportunity to get your feet wet as your favorite character.  Whether it be a closet cosplay, a purchased outfit or something you put together yourself. Cosplay your way. If cosplay doesn’t tickle your fancy just rock your favorite nerdy tee, whatever suits your taste.
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3. Great chance to snag some merch. 
Anime merchandise galore. Plushies, Manga, Doujinshi and other forms of fan art. You name it, there is someone probably selling it. The show floor or artist alley is probably heaven for any otaku or casual alike. There the possibility of snagging some exclusive items and at a great price. Sometimes you can get really lucky. Depending on the size or the convention and the vendors who attend, freebies are a thing. Posters, raffles and sometimes you may have the opportunity to win a trip to Japan or a car.
4. Meet some of your favorite creatives. 
We’re talking about from acclaimed directors to voice actors and even independent artists. They all come out for these types of events on invitations. Maybe an opportunity arises where you get to grab a conversation, a picture or an autograph with one of them. Who knows how things will play out.

5. Exclusive Screenings and Special Events
While attending an anime convention, you may have an opportunity to attend an exclusive pre-screening for a movie. Sneak peeks to an up and coming series.  You may also have an opportunity to attend a cosplay contest or a Japanese Streetwear Fashion Show.

6. Concerts
I love music, even though I’m a dedicated hip-hop head. I love me some J-Rock. I usually jump at every opportunity that I get. Doesn’t matter if it’s a top idol or an up and coming cover band. I’m there and in all these years, I have yet to be disappointed.
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7. Panels
Attending panels is one of the best reasons to attend a con. It can present an opportunity to get behind the scenes information on your favorite series. Horrific details, observations on a certain topic and others time you can learn how to do something nerdy. Like cosplay building tips, photography information and so much more.
J1-Con 2018
8. Networking opportunity.
I know this probably doesn’t apply to a lot of people but to my creatives out here. Here is your chance to interact and bring in potential fans to your nerd inspired endeavors. This is something I’m still working on myself but in places like this, you have a sea of possible fans or friends. So be proactive in the growth of your business or hobby.

Here you have it, 8 reasons to attend your first anime convention.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to leave them below.  

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