Yu Yu Hakusho  幽☆遊☆白書 aka Ghost Files tells the story of teenage delinquent Yusuke Urameshi who dies after being struck by a car while saving a kids life. He was then introduced to Botan who is the pilot of the River Styx. (Grim Reaper) Yusuke soon learns that his death was premature and no one in Reikai 霊界  (Spirit World) was expecting him.  Koenma (The Prince of Reikai) offers Yusuke an ordeal which will allow him to come back to life.  And as a sort of conciliation prize, Yusuke is forced into being the earth Spirit Detective.Yusuke is forced to deal with demons and other super natural occurrences on earth. He is later joined by rivals turn comrades as he strives to reach his full potential.  From becoming the apprentice of famed female martial arts master Genkai. To stopping the Saint Beast from taking over Ningen kai 人間界  (Human World) Things escalate even further when Yusuke and his friends(Kazuma Kuwabara, Hiei and Kurama) are forced into the Dark Tournament.

Which is learns about his Sensei illustrious past with his newfound enemy Toguro.As on chapter closes another one begins in Chapter Black.  Which in ended Makai (Demon World) where Yusuke meets his ancestral father. This begins the Three King Saga which closes out this series.

Yu Yu Hakusho hands down is my favorite anime series of all time. Their was a nicebalancing of genre related elements.  Dope fight scenes, drama, comedy and slight romantic elements surfaced.  The Black Saga hands down was my favorite arc. Shinobu Sensui was diabolically bad ass.  But to be fairly honest, he spoke the truth and I couldn’t help but agree with him. But wanting to release demons on all of mankind is really cruel. Yusuke’s story resonated with me.  I was unmotivated and didn’t care about much of anything in my younger years.  I lived in ode to what I knew and never really worked hard for anything. When Genkai was telling off Yusuke, it felt like she was ragging on me too.  And even to this day. This anime never seizes to amaze me.
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