Celebrating 25 Years of Toonami @ Anime NYC 2022


Toonami is responsible for birthing a generation of anime fans. As someone, who’s grown up being a faithful (toonami fandom name). There is a level of nostalgia that comes along with it.  And while at Anime NYC, we got a chance to walk down memory lane.

Celebrating 25 years of Toonami was a panel held this year at Anime NYC. Moderated by: Victoria L. Johnson, of the Sailor Moon Fan Club Podcast. Featuring Cheyenne M. Davis, writer and educator , Jameel Roeburn, host OF The Lookout Podcast and Elijah C. Watson, Senior Culture Editor at Okayplayer. 

Celebrating 25 years of Toonami

Toonami’s Humble Beginnings

This panel can best be described as a celebration. As the host and panelist took us through their earliest memories of nerdom and Toonami.  and memories associated with that and other commentary.  More specifically,  some of their favorite things on the Toonami block. Such as Sailor Moon, Tenchi Muyo, Dragon Ball Z and some lesser known series such as Reboot and Zoids. 

The feeling of nostalgia is at an all time high. It really brought a smile to my face. One of the things about Toonami that made it such an influential force, for me, personally, was how it helped to bring together my love of music and animation. I’m talking way before, I realized how both mediums shaped my personality. I feel like I’m not the only one who could relate. 

Victoria L. Johnson, Cheyenne M. Davis,  Jameel Roeburn, and Elijah C. Watson at Celebrating 25 Years of Toonami Panel @ Anime NYC 2022

After the discussion and bonding session was over, between the panelists. The floor was opened and audience members were allowed to ask questions or join in on the conversation. and If you asked me, that was the perfect send off.

This panel was a good time. Full of laughs and rekindled good memories. I was glad that I was able to sit through it. Toonami shaped my taste and perspective a lot more than I realized before. Being in a space, with a ton of people with a similar experience was amazing. These are the moments that make being at Anime Conventions worth it.

Cheers Toonami, This One’s For You !!!

Did you grow up on Toonami? If so, what are some of your favorite memories of watching Toonami? Drop them below! And stay tuned for more from Anime NYC 2022. 

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