Classic Black Anime 101 @ Anime NYC 2022

Classic Black Anime 101 Panel at Anime NYC 2022

Classic Black Anime Characters 101 is a panel hosted by Darius Washington designed to highlight melanin enhanced characters who haven’t gotten a lot of recognition.  Due to accessibility and other factors.  The characters/ series featured range from 1960’s to 1990’s.  This panel was made to bridge a generational gap. 

Black Anime Characters 101

I like to consider myself to be an anime connoisseur . Even if I haven’t seen it, I’ve heard of most titles. This got me thinking? How many of these lesser known characters / series are on my radar? To make a long story short, out of the 12 characters featured on the panel. I only knew three: Claudia LaSalle / Grant from Macross/ Robotech , Nadia (Nadia the blue water) and Urd (Ah My Goddess).

As far as series go, I was aware of 7 out of 12.  additionally: Cyborg 008, Ronin Warriors, Great Manzinger, Sol Bianca and Great Manzinger. That’s a pretty solid score, if I do say so myself. 

So this panel was really a lesson from a Triple O.G. Not only did he provide pictures of said characters, but background information about them and their role in the adventures.  Publication, and serialization related information and other related tidbits. `Plus clips of them in action. 

More Melanin

Twas very educational. Some of the scenarios and information related to the characters was questionable but you gotta chalk it up to the game. When Black people are included in the media without input of Black people. These are the things we get. While it all wasn’t great, I still left this panel with new anime titles to track down. That’s largely due to aesthetic reasons but these character designs are just really- fire!! 

Sony from Harmageddon: The Genma Wars, Mukala (Samurai Troopers: Legend of the Inferno Armor) and Feb (Sol Bianca). These are the best looking ones as far as I’m concerned but feel free to let me know what you think in the comment section. I’ll drop the remaining names and titles below. 

Bowie Emerson/ Grant (Robotech Masters) 

Pyunma / Cyborg 008 (Cyborg 009) 

Jun Hono (Great Manzinger) 

Tap Oceano (Metal Armor Dragonar!) 

Talos (Crusher Joe) 

Pony (Gall Force Eternal Story) 

Thank you for dropping by. Are there any characters you know of that should have been included on this list. Drop them below!  Moreover, who  are your favorite Black Anime characters?  Also, drop those in the comment section below. 

And stay tuned for more from Anime NYC 2022. 

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