Callin’ All Moonies: Sailor Moon Day Party


A few weeks back, I was invited to the Sailor Moon Day Party. Lead by Victoria L. Johnson, a pop-culture journalist and the host of the Sailor Moon Fan Club Podcast.  Sponsored By L.A.N. Party Studios, Sailor Boom Party, Anime Dance Music, Rightstuff Anime, and Toyko Treats.

Photo from Sailor Moon Fan Club Podcast;'s Sailor Moon Day Party

Cafe Erzulie was small but welcoming. There was indoor, and outdoor seating with a decorated patio and a bar with Sailor Moon Theme cocktails. Throughout the venue were nice little personal touches to add to the vibe. Like Makoto’s Kitchen and Sailor Starlights Unisex Bathrooms. Rei Hino’s Tarot Card Reading Station, where you can get free astrology readings.

Senshi Theme Pastries from KinoSweets, a New York-based baker!  You could get your nails done at Usagi’s Nail Station and put together a puzzle and other games in Ami’s Gaming Corner.  There was also a photo booth and raffle giveaways! 

The music was on point featuring sets from TheContro1Freak, DJ Dimple, and HighGnx (of Sailor Boom Party). Of course, they had to slide in the classic 90’s Theme. They were rocking the whole time! Since were on the topic of music, there were two live performances. One from Chantel Nicole and Shauna Moon. This was my first time listening to them and I’ll admit. I love their energy and I think you just might too! This was without a doubt the highlight of the Sailor Moon Day Party.

Sailor Moon Day Party Rundown

Besides that, there was also a live podcast recording featuring comedian Yedoye Travis. And another comedian named Kyle Lewis emceed part of the event. 

I also had these really tasty patties, one chicken and the other beef. They smacked! It was really hot that day so I drank a lot of water but also because I don’t really drink alcohol. I rarely attend parties! Or find comfort in that sort of environment but ain’t gonna lie. I had a nice time! Most importantly, I felt comfortable that entire time. 

However, I also want to mention how cool everyone looked. A few people decked out in Cosplay, Sailor Moon fandom merch, and other stylish things. I even wore our Sailor Mars Jersey designed by both Drey and me. To be on brand! It was a mixed crowd with different fashion senses and it was a spectrum. I don’t think there really is a better way to show the diversity of this fandom. Ya, girl loved to see it. 

On that note, that was my recap of the Sailor Moon Day Party. It was a great way to kick off the Summer Season.

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