New York’s Annual Black Comic Convention


Drey and I had the pleasure of attending one of the longest running Black Comic Convention in the country. The Schomburg Center’s 11th annual Black Comic Book Festival. This was our third time going and with each experience it gets better and better. The Schomburg Center for Black Culture curates, documents and creates history for Black Culture. There are no better places to have a Events like this than in Harlem. 

Let’s start out with the vendors. This year, there were about 46 vendors organized throughout four areas within the center. Ranging from Mangaka, Comic Artist and Comic (nerd related) organization. Ranging from local artists like EDGARDO MIRANDA-RODRIGUEZ (La Borinquena), Tony Weaver Jr. (Weird Enough Production) and Otaku Noir (Haneef Saleem). Others featured Marcus Williams, Greg Burnham of Tuskegee Heirs and many others. There were rows and rows of art and featured comic books.  SuperHero Stories, all the way down to anecdote stories based in the Black experience. 

Tell me bout them Black Comic Convention Panels Though!

Schomburg Center’s Black Comic Festival had some nice panels.  The first is The Business of Comics and Sequential Narratives.  With guests T.J. Sterling, Alitha Martinez, Shawn Martinbrough, Gamal Hennesy, and Dedren Snead.  Also on Friday, we attended the Access Guide’s Black Comics Trivia Challenge! And were able to play against Tatianna King, Karama Horne, Regine Sawyer, and John Jennings in a trivia contest.  Our scores weren’t that great but I did manage to keep up with the others for a little while. It was a fun time! 

On Saturday, we hung out and attended more panels. Black in the Future: Afrofuturism in Comics & Graphic Novels. Panelists for this one are John Jennings, Ytasha Womack, Tim Fielder and Ayize Jama- Everett.  And of course, the very last thing we were able to do was attend the Cosplay Showcase. Which to me was the best part of the event. Hosted by: ChibiT, Sir Julius Cosplay and Kadiatou Tubman with DJ stylings from Gregory Wilson. The Evenings Hosts did an impeccable job. They set the mood using music, cracked jokes, and managed to keep things family friend but in the same breathe – BLACK AS Fxxk! Ya girl was impressed. 

All the cosplays looked so good!  We got a nice variety between Comic Books, Anime and other pop culture related characters. We even got some completely original mash ups.  The people did not disappoint. There’s always a little something for everybody.  All in all, I had a great time at the Black Comic Books Festival.  It was a great way to kick off Con Season and next time, we hope to see you there.

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2 thoughts on “New York’s Annual Black Comic Convention

  1. This looks like such an awesome event! I’m not that far from NY, ine of these years I might have to pop up there to check it out! Awesome writeup!

    1. Smaller events like these have their perks. It’s a nice little vibe. I’d say it’s worth the trip. And thank you

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