I literally gave you two photos to scroll past I hope you watched it!

I finish watching the first season of the series and honestly i can’t wait until the second season comes on i’m waiting to see what Fisk’s next move is and if any of Daredevil original or new enemies will emerge in season 2. These actors we’re amazing!
The most shocking death i didn’t see happening in the first season was Wesley’s death I personally would have like to see him get Fisk out of prison but now i’m really interested in seeing Fisk get out by himself and possibly have to start from the bottom now that most of his payroll has been outed.

The actors we’re amazing especially Vincent D’Onofrio i really didn’t know he was such a big guy i never really seen a role where he looks this tall and just the character alone dragged me to stay and watch he performed his part so well i was rooting for Wilson Fisk to win! I started believing that he was not that much of a bad guy until he killed Ben Urich and Elena then I wanted Matt to kick his ass. But i like he soft spot for Vanessa it’s cute in a big killer teddy bear way.

Now let’s get to my favorite Toby Leonard Moore who played James Wesley he grew on me i really started liking him and wanted to see where they would take his character and six feet under is where he went but i did enjoy his screen time i like cool characters that get straight to the point no BS and he didn’t disappoint me at all. Now that my favorite character is gone i’m going to need to find a new fave when the show does come back for season 2. Damn you Karen!

Can’t really talk about the characters and leave out the main character the show revolves around and that is Charlie Cox Daredevil himself now that was so believable that when i see Charlie anywhere else now he looks likes he’s still playing Matt Murdock that’ll effect will happen watching a show back to back on Netflix but it wears off after a while until you binge watch the second season. Charlie’s performance was amazing the training he needed to do all those fight scenes had to be fun until he had to take a few beating but fun none the less.

I really think Netflix series are making a come up i’m looking forward to checking out bloodline since Netflix is on a roll with good shows.


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