Professor Shyguy is well known for his 8 bit- music, soulful, electro-rocking, theatrical nerd pop music. Most of his songs stem from video games, anime, and time and space. I missed the concert last year and was able to see his performance this year. I came in thier not knowing what type of music I was going to listen to. I thought it was another rock concert but I was wrong. Professor Shyguy really surprised me, he was really good.
I went and even purchased a CD. I loved listening to his voice. All the music he composed himself. He even plays guitar. I really enjoyed his concert it was overall really good and I would love to see him perform again next year. My favorite song he performed was from the game Undertale if you have not played the game it is fun. This song is not realsed yet anywhere here is a small exclusive clip of the song. If you want to see more you can check out our YouTube channel and see more footage of the concert.

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