Parasite (South Korean Movie)

Parasite is a 2019 South Korean psychological thriller written and directed by Bong Joon-ho. Parasite follows a family who struggles to make ends meet. When an opportunity arises to get a job working for a more affluent family, Kim Ki Wook a.k.a Kevin comes up with a plan to employ his entire family.


Parasite is a fantastic movie and really deserves all the praise that it gets. The cast is charming. The cinematography is on point. And it keeps you engaged the entire time. This movie lulls you into a false sense of comfort by way of humor. Even though, you know things aren’t going to end well for the Kim family. The feeling stays intact, up until things start to fall apart. If you know anything about South Korean productions. When things unravel, they really unravel. So I was expecting a twist, but what I got I really didn’t see coming.


You feel for the Kim family. Their struggle is relatable. The get it by any means mentality is understandable. When you realize that, perhaps this is a cautionary tale. It hits home even harder. Cementing the fact that one wrong decision or, in this case, several could quickly turn into your worse nightmare. So tread lightly.

Parasite (movie)

As much as I loved this movie, there were a few things that really rubbed me the wrong way.  There was a relationship that blossomed that I wasn’t with it at all. I think what irked me the most about it, was that one of the people involved knew it was inappropriate but still sort of down with it.  Like you know better, and yet, this is what you do. Then there was a case of cultural appropriations.  A few problematic scenes associated with that.

Aside from that, I had a blast and would definitely;y watch it again.

Are you planning to check out Parasite?

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