Sneak Preview Screening – Never Ending Man: Hayao Miyazaki at Anime NYC 2018

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Never-Ending Man: Hayao Miyazaki 終わらない人 宮崎駿 (Owaranai Hito Miyazaki Hayao) is a documentary about Hayao Miyazaki and his never-ending work ethic directed by Kaku Arakawa.

I was able to watch a screening of the movie at Anime NYC. Hayao Miyazaki has won many awards for his films because of his love and dedication to his work.  He is an extraordinary filmmaker, animator, screenwriter, and manga artist. He is to me one of Japan’s greatest animation director’s of all time.  It was an interesting documentary and even more amazing watching him battling with himself  for coming out of retirement.  

This documentary was filmed in 2016 where it starts off with him in his home drinking tea stating he was retired. The film is broken down into chapters. Each chapter is the start of a new beginning for him. While working on the short film of Boro The Caterpillar. We watch Miyazaki struggle while trying to adapt to CGI.  Throughout the project he works with many young people which he thrives off their youth and it helps him push himself more. He works on his days off without breaks and truly is dedicated to his project. This is why he’s the master. 

Miyazaki is an amazing Director and his style is very unique. I love his artwork and his movies. I went and collected all his films he ever worked on. I love watching his movies over and over again. It is hard for me to chose a favorite film.

I know he is very dedicated to what he does and he also inspires me to do the same. No matter when or how he works hard no matter what and does not let anything stop him. What I really enjoyed the most through the film were the scenes where he worked on Boro the Caterpillar

If I had to pick a favorite film of Miyazaki it would be Howl’s Moving Castle.  

To my surprise, he also mentioned that he will make another film which I will stay tuned for in 2019. I can’t wait until next year for his next big project.

If you have a favorite Miyazaki film which one would it be?

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