Anime NYC 2018: A Guide to Professional Gaming from the Women’s Perspective Panel


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On Sunday the last day of Anime NYC, I was able to catch the panel and get some insight from women in the professional gaming field. These ladies turned their love for gaming into a career, I’m extremely proud of them for being able to make a living off of a hobby they’re passionate about. You can work your day job while building your dream at the same time, just remember there are sacrifices to be made. I understood that because this is what I’m personally doing with SDE.

Panelists Tiffany Williams, Aziza Brown and Judith Barbosa

The panel was very inspirational in promoting people to put themselves out there and build the career they want. The ladies definitely promoted the women in the room to get out there and start the gaming channel or blog if they want too. I felt inspired by the audience questions as well as the responses from the panelists. After this panel, I felt so motivated to keep pushing and a few new ideas for SDE came to mind.
The lack of women in the gaming industry can be intimidating when going into that field and promoting women to become developers will start to balance the workforce. Women are needed in many technology-related fields, I’ve always been interested in learning coding and programming. I went to college for it but that didn’t pan out how I wished it would, it doesn’t stop anything because I do take up classes on coding and I’ve been thinking about going back to school to learn game programming.
The perspective of women in male-dominated fields is always welcome because of how much they’re rarely heard. Aziza created her own eSports Team Dynamik Focus and it goes to show if you build it people will come to it. These women worked hard to create income around their passion and with this kind of dedication, everything starts to pay off.
This panel really was an eye-opener filled with advice for future streamers and I loved the added the incentive of self-care, they kept mentioning throughout the panel. I’m really big on self-care too and I try not to overwork or stress myself out. Taking care of yourself is really important especially when it comes to building a life and career you want.
Tiffany goes by her online alias Cresta Starr, she’s a host, journalist, streamer and much more! You can follow her on Twitter and her Twitch. Aziza is a successful eSport team owner and engineer. You can follow her Twitter and the eSport Team Dynamik Focus which she created! Judith is also a host, voice actor and streamer as well but it doesn’t stop there because she’s also the head of NYC League of Legends. Follow her on Twitter! All three of these women are successful at what they do and it just proves that with hard work and consistency you can do all that you want in life.

Thanks to Anime NYC for giving us the opportunity to do press coverage for their con. It was a great experience, look out for our VLOG and photos coming out soon.

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