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My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising hit US theaters on February 26th and has been doing very well in the box office so far. The numbers aren’t in yet but it’s definitely going to do well my theater was half full, it was an 11 am showing. First showings will always be my thing, I saw the subbed version there is a dubbed version just check your theater listings carefully because they looked exactly the same until the end to tell you if it’s subbed or dubbed version. It’ll be in theaters for a limited time so catch it while you can.

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My Hero Academia has been on a rise and keeping that number one spot in the heart of Anime fans around the world. This is the second movie released for the series. I heard of My Hero Academia for a few years before they started dubbing it at Funimation but was too busy to make time to watch it as it was going. I just started the series about 2 months ago and I’m just getting into the fourth season, I’m addicted to the show now. I have to know how everything turns out for these characters especially Deku and Bakugo who I like to call Bakugon and I know if I was to ever get his name wrong in front of him he’d kill me for sure.

As I’m not totally caught up in the series I tell you can watch this after seeing season 3 so far I got all the conversations that were had mentioned past events that took place in season 3 and before. I do plan to see My Hero Academia: Two Heroes soon and give my thoughts about the series when I’m caught up on season 4. I really love watching this anime for the action and the drama between Bakugo and Deku. I’m also committed to the series now because I want to see Deku become the #1 Hero All Might wants him to be and I plan to see it through.

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The film takes place on a small island called Nabu Island a few hours away from the mainland. The students of U.A High School are running a UA Heroes Agency on the island for the duration of The Hero Work Recommendation Project. The students are the only heroes on the island helping with small jobs like charging up a dead battery, helping the elderly, finding a lost child and keeping citizens safe. The Pros offer this option as their way of preparing the students of Class 1-A for the real world of being a hero.

Personally I think one Pro Hero should have been with them even if they think low-grade crimes or activity happens on the island there should have been one adult to supervise. Honestly, it wouldn’t be a UA Academy event without the proper protocol for security to avoid attacks from villains. So far the students have had 2 huge villain attacks and we’re still careless over here in UA. As much as I say what they should do these kids can handle their own in a battle with expert villans. Damn UA supervise the kids more!


It wouldn’t be a thrill without unexpected villains appearing to disrupt the peace. I love that this story led civilians to the students by accident. I was expecting the kids to spoil their plans on the island after being nosey. The villain Nine is who was introduced and his team of villains a wolf/alligator /bird monster named Chimera, a woman named Slice and a villain with a quirk to wrap things up like a mummy and control them named Mummy. I didn’t bother to name them because we’re most likely will not see them again. From flashbacks, it seems Nine was involved in experiments by some scientist that looks like a discount Dr. Eggman and it seems maybe Chimera was as well as we see he also has more than one quirk too.

This villainous team ambushes a citizen and steals his quirk, Nine has the ability to steal quirks like All for One but he has a limit of 9 quirks. The quirks take a lot out of Nine so he’s in search of a cell regeneration quirk. This is the wrong quirk he steals for cell regeneration, the quirk only heals people with type A blood. This is when they notice the citizen was watching a video of his children and had the idea that one of the kids will have the correct quirk he needs to see his plans through. This is why they head to Nabu Island looking for the kids to take their quirk.

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I want all MHA fans to watch this movie it was so many great fighting moments that words can’t describe, you definitely need to experience it for yourself. The final fight was the best I really didn’t expect it to go that way and it made me super proud of Deku and Bakugo going for the teamwork. The final fight with Nine and his goonies put all the students to the test and they broke off in teams to handle the remaining three villains since Bakugo took down Mummy. Deku desperate for a plan comes up with the idea to transfer the One-for-All to Bakugo and the most Super Saiyan thing happened to both of them and I loved it. It was so unexpected I thought Deku was going to just go up to 100% but when he pulled that trick out his hat it was genius. Nine couldn’t defeat 2 people with the One-for-All quirk at the same damn time.

This was a great film and I hope everyone gets the chance to experience it in theaters. It’s great seeing anime films come out in theaters instead of going straight to DVD, I’m an avid movie-goer and getting to experience anime on the big screen lights up my heart. When I was growing up anime wasn’t this available and being a fan you had to watch what they put on TV now we have it all at our fingertips. I hope to see more anime films hitting the big screen in the future, we as anime fans could probably break some box office records.

Look out for my review of the series when I’m done and review of My Hero Academia: Two Heroes soon.

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