Storyboard Artist Matthew Bordenave at J1-Con 2018


While I sat in the Dante Buford panel, I met Matthew Bordenave who is a Storyboard artist and up next was his panel.  He was very funny and had a great stage presence. I really got to enjoy this panel and had a lot of fun. I was interested in learning about storyboarding because it is part of what makes an animation, this is one of the many jobs that brings an animation to life. With everyone’s hard work, everything comes together into the animation we see. I originally sat in this panel because I was curious about what the panel would be about, I was able to learn a lot about the behind-the-scenes in developing an animation.

Matthew has done a lot of work for prominent animation studios. He has worked for DC Studios, Marvel Studios, Warner Brothers Entertainment and more. He was the lead storyboard artist for Ultimate Spider-Man, Young Justice and everything Batman. Matthew has done a lot of work with Batman over the years.  He worked on Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns 1 & 2, The Son of Batman and many more. He also did artwork for The Death of Superman, Spider-Man, Batman: Gotham by Gaslight and Young Justice.
Matthew explained that he is tired of drawing Batman because he draws him so much. He also told the panel that there will be a Young Justice Season 3 due to it doing so well on Netflix which I can not wait to see. He has also done work for Netflix on Big Mouth. Matthew has worked in a variety of different major studios. Being a storyboard artist is not an easy job.

I learned that Storyboard artist use different styles and programs while working on their storyboard. Some storyboard artist use the traditional way by sketching out each frame by hand and add marker renderings.  Most artist (nowadays) use current computer programs such as Adobe Flash, Frame Forge Studio, Interface Builder, Adobe Photoshop, XCode, Storyboard Pro and more. Many Storyboard artists work on computer software programs using a graphics tablet which they sketch they work with a digital pencil.

Flashpoint _Samples

A storyboard artist visualizes the story and sketches what they envision frame by frame to create the story.  Storyboard artist draw storyboards for films, commercials, animated features, cartoons, video games, music videos and more.
The storyboard brings a script to life by showing action in a series of scenes (panels) which then the filmmaker, producer, or the director can evaluate the work before starting the production. Many drafts are done before the final image is completed. Once the storyboard is finished and its evaluated then its sent to the animators that bring the storyboard to life. It is an interesting process.
The panel was very interesting and I learned a lot more about animation then I did before, being a storyboard artist is very interesting because, all the image you draw come to life. Matthew has done a lot of work with Batman and has worked with other big studios as a storyboard artist. The level of work to create any form of animation is a lot of work. I now look at the credits of a show to see all the people who worked behind the scenes in creating any film. It is amazing to see how an animation comes to life through the storyboard artist and the animators.

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