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When at any anime convention the cosplay contest is always a must to check out and see what everyone participating has worked so hard to complete. Cosplayers are one of my favorite parts of every convention I go to, the completed work is always so amazing to see. Seeing people bring a character to life is the peak of seeing cosplayers do what they love. 
The hosts of the Cosplay Contest was Eric “The Smoke” Moran and Marc Carter of Philadelphia Power Rangers. These two together were so fun that Eric had a moment on stage when the sound guy played The Rock’s theme song from WWE days and Eric definitely hit his best Rock impersonation and I really hope we caught that on film to share with you guys.
The winners of the Cosplay Contest won a chance to be in the 2019 J1-Con Cartoon Network Commercial. Some parts of the commercial were shot in Atlantic City by the Showboat Hotel using the beach as background scenery.

Cosplay Contest Winners

Best Female Hero – Korra from Legend of Korra

Best Female Villian – Baroness Von Bon Bon from CupHead

Best Male Hero – The Black Panther

Best Male Villian – Ah Puch from Smite

Best Group – Mortal Kombat

Best in Show – Stain from My Hero Academia

Winners of Cosplay Contest with Judges.

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