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Imagine you died and was reborn living out your Otaku fantasy building giant robots and had magic powers well in this anime it happened. The story is every Mecha Otaku’s dream which is to build your own Mecha. Knight’s & Magic is a funny and ironic anime series. I am a huge Mecha fan so this anime really stood out to me because it was a combination of all my favorite genre’s in one. I was curious on how the anime incorporate magic with Mecha.  The Mecha’s in this anime share a similarity to the same one in the Gundam series which I loved. The anime series is a fun show to watch. The main character Ernesti is not only cute and adorable but, a major Mecha Otaku in the inside. He is only one true love is the robots not the girls who throw themselves at him.

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Knight’s & Magic

The series starts with a young Japanese man who loves to build scale model robots “Gundam’s”, went to purchase a new scale model that came out. When he leaves the store he get’s in a car accident. The man was reincarnated in an alternate world where magic and giant robots exist. The man was reincarnated as a little child named Ernesti Echavalier a child prodigy. During a ride back in the carriage Ernesti and his family encounter a magical monster in the road. Then a group of Silhoutte Kinghts appeared and saved him and his family. The inner Otaku self came out after seeing the appearance of the Sihoutte Kinght. Ernesti fascinated by the machine he developed a dream in creating and piloting his own Silhoutte Knight. The Silhoutte Kinghts were designed to fight magical creatures that destroy everything in sight. Ernesti with the help of his friends he was able to pursue his passion. Ernesti was able to design new Silhoutte Knights not only to fight the magical creatures but also defend their kingdom from any new threats as the “The Order of The White Phoenix”.

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