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It was a pleasure interviewing Robyn about her company Geek Girl Strong and the inspiration she gives women to become a healthier version of themselves.

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Group photo of Robyn and her geek girl strong clients

Drey: Introduce yourself? Where are you based?

Robyn: HI! My name is Robyn – Stormy Riot and I live in Brooklyn, NY (Born & Raised!)

Drey: How long have you been into health and fitness and why did you choose this field to work in?

Robyn: I have been into health and fitness for as long as I can remember. My mom put me in dance classes at 3 and on a soccer team at 5. From there I was always into some kind of extra curricular physical activity. Once in college I finally figured out that this was something that I wanted to do. It has been the only constant in my life and it’s really made me who I am today. The few times that I have not been regularly physically active I did not feel like myself. My mom also wanted to make sure that I knew things about my body that she was not taught, so I grew up having very frank conversations with her and would bring information to my friends at school, that’s probably when I actually began teaching health!

Drey: Why did you start Geek Girl Strong ?

Robyn: I started Geek Girl Strong in order to full a void. As a public school Health and Physical Education teacher I was constantly seeing female students who seemed to feel that they had to choose which label or box they would fit into. I watched my most athletic girls pretend that they were not as good as the boys, my smartest girls not feeling that they could want to read manga AND play during PE. I would constantly encourage these girls to be more than just one thing, and remind them of how awesome it was that they were good at so many things. Hence Geek Girl Strong’s tagline: “For complex female characters”, we want these characters in our media because that’s what we are! We deal with body issues, mental health issues, and more… sometimes we could just use some health to keep them all on the right course.

I wanted to be able to help girls and women who were feels like the health and fitness world did not speak to them, as I have many times. I created Geek Girl Strong in order to help the geek girl community in the best way  I knew how, through my knowledge and abilities in health and physical education!

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Geek Girl Strong in progress

Drey: What can new clients expect from the Geek Girl Strong experience?

Robyn: Well, the reason why I decided to become a certified Health Coach and not just a Personal Trainer was so that I could also do nutrition education with my clients, along with physical training.

New clients can expect the unexpected. I am not a health coach or trainer who bases everything solely off of numbers (such as BMI or weight). A client who joins the Geek Girl Strong community can be of any size, background, and geek/nerdom! I have made sure that this community is one that knows that fitness can come in EVERY size and health can too.

Depending on which service someone decides on (Health Coaching, Online Programs, Personal Training, Private Pole Dancing Lessons, Workout Workshops…) our first meeting would be a bit different. With any one on one client they can expect for us to sit down and talk about their health, what they would like for their body, and how we believe we can help them get there together.

Drey: How did you become the geek you are today?

Robyn: I am one of those people who was the last person to find out that they were a geek. I had no idea! I loved Pokemon, collected the cards and more. In high school I was a cheerleader, but still enjoyed all my geeky tendencies. I can actually remember the first time I was called a “nerd”, I was surprised! Looking back on it now… yup the shoes fits! Luckily it’s something I came to not only own but love about myself!

Drey: Are you currently working on any new projects within Geek Girl Strong?

Robyn: The project that I just finished up was the Fangirl Health Club!
Right now I have a few projects that I am working on.
This June I am planning on having a “Pay What You Want” online program. This will be a first so I am really excited to open up a full program to people online, even those far far away from Brooklyn, NY!

I have a lot of people who are interested in starting a weekly workout group and I have begun working on that as well. I think this might actually be the biggest and most successful thing in Geek Girl Strong’s future! It’s working name is “The Super Body League!” I will take a group of just five Geek Girls and have workout sessions with them once a week with them for 3 whole months! This would allow for people to make new friends and achieve healthy results all at once!

Robyn’s Final Comments
Members of Geek Girl Strong will better their overall health & wellness by focusing on the three Geek Girl Strong Targets:
Mental/Emotional Health: Mana
Physical Activity: Energy –
Nutrition: Energy +

No matter your personal goals, GGS aims to help you save yourself!

  • Accept your body
  • Lose or gain weight
  • Become “fit” and “toned”
  • Eat better even when away from home
  • Create a schedule you can keep even when work is crazy…

We all deal with body stuff, and sometimes we could just use a sidekick to help kick down the barriers.
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