Interview with Marcus Ariah

In Fall 2012, I started my studies at the Institute of Audio Research. With the intentions of pursuing my dream of working in the voice over world. I didn’t realize it at the time but learned so much. And this is were I met Marcus Ariah.(we were classmates)
When the opportunity surfaced to share music; I was thoroughly impressed. And not because I doubted his ability but because of the emotion; so very soulful. So very real.
Ladies and Gents, I give you Marcus Aria

Introduce yourself?

My name is Marcus Ariah from Newark, NJ but Essex County as a whole.

how did your artist name come about?

My artist name came from my mother, it’s just my first and middle name. At first I didn’t like it, I went by Big M and Marcy Marc, my childhood names and then poetic noise but that was corny, so my home girl just wrote down my first and middle name on paper and said it was dope, so I went along with it.

How would you describe your sound to a new listener?

My sound is a mixture of hood and conscious so you get the best of both worlds with me. I spit like if you rock with me cool, if not cool. I’m not trying to be the best rapper alive, I just wanna be heard and put out the message that other rappers besides J Cole and Kendrick Lamar, aren’t putting out.

Artistically, Who has influenced you the most thus far? (DJ, Rappers, Singers, Composers/Beat makers etc)

I get a lot of influence from older soul music like Marvin Gaye, Isley Bros, etc..As far as rap goes my favorite is Nasty Nas, but I listen to a lot of neo soul, reggae, and all that smooth shit.

Describe your music making process?

I have a slow music making progress. When people hit me up I take a while to finish a verse and its not good, I gotta work on that. It’s cause as an artist my faith level drops sometimes and I just say eff it and try to find other ways of making money. As far as me making music, I gotta experience life then talk about it, next mixtape experience more life, then talk about that. I only talk about real situations I been through and other’s stories. I just write in my blackberry for hours and hop in the studio. Stephen Crane Projects! Recording in the dead center of the hood and that shit comes out somethin crazy.

Lizzo: If you could work with any 3 artist dead or alive who would they be?

Marcus: I would work with Pac, Andre 3000, and Stevie wonder.

Lizzo: Any up and coming projects?

Marcus: My newest project coming up is called “Change$”. It’s gonna be lit,  hopefully people mess with this one, “Growth” wasn’t as big cause I’m still a  nobody.

Lizzo: Tell us something your fans might not know about you?

Marcus: Idk I think I be sleep walking.

Lizzo: So let people know where and how they can find you?

Marcus: Just type in Marcus Ariah on Google, I pop up everywhere, a nigga global  baby, you’re buggin,find me in the trap.

TWITTER: Marcusariah
Soundcloud: marcus Ariah 
INSTAGRAM: Marcusariah

I want to Thank Marcus Ariah for taking the time to chat with us.

We appreciate you and look forward to your bright future.

Don’t forget to check out his latest mixtape Growth.

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