Interview with Casso The Dragon


I was given the chance to interview Casso the Dragon about his music and latest mixtape #DragonPunch. I was introduced to Casso’s music about a year ago by our very own Lizzo and I’ve been a fan ever since. Casso has a lot of potential to be greater than he is and we sure hope he surpasses his potential.

Ladies and Gentlemen Casso the Dragon.


Drey: How would you describe your music to a new listeners?

Casso: I’d simply describe it as “Hip-hop”

Drey: What inspired your name and how do you pronounce it ? Casso like (Pi)-casso) Or (Case-so) the dragon?

Casso: You say it Casso like (Pi)-casso Yes. And well I was chilling with the homies at this art warehouse back home called the LoweMill and this girl named Dominique she does calligraphy called me Picasso I added the Dragon part and bam there you go.To me it symbolizes a “fierce artist”

Drey: Your new mixtape #Dragonpunch was a great listen my personal favorites are Thundercats & Hit da 711. What inspired the #dragonpunch mixtape?

Casso: Whats really funny is that the mixtape is Inspired by Juice. I wanted to make my own brand of juice called DragonPunch and back home we have this hip-hop expo called JUICE created by Juels Pierrot and we help pull that all together. Basically if you got the Juice you have all the elements that make you a Seasoned Artist and you represent the culture. With my music helping me finance my goals I talked about things that flavored my “Juice” What gives it a kick? My friends, Women, Anime and various experiences in my youth” I talk about in brief.

Drey: how long have anime and comics been an influence to you music?

Casso: Well I started taking rap seriously about at 20 so 2 years now.

Drey: Musically speaking, Who has had the most influence on you thus far? (Rappers, Singers, Composers/Beat makers etc)

Casso: Well Logic, Dizzy Wright, and Angel Haze are the three people who got me writing seriously I watched their xxl cypher and it was over I just started writing rhymes but I get my influences from a lot of people from Jaden Smith to Chance The Rapper. Nujabes to Jon Bellion. Justin Timberlake, T.I and James Brown I’ve learned to watch everyone and take notes. even from the dead *R.I.P Bernie Mac* and if John Whitherspoon ever sees this I really want him on my Album

Drey: If you can work with any two artist dead or alive? who would it be?

Casso: Justin Timberlake and Chance The Rapper.

Drey: You just recently went to California for the TeamBackPack event has this experience with like minded people change you in any way and could it have possibly influenced new music?

Casso: Yes I’ve matured greatly I really see myself as a different person.I’m so much better now. I could make 5 albums off the growth I’ve experienced. I’m ready to cook new tracks

Drey: Any up and coming projects that your working on?

Casso: Yes I’m working on my next mixtape and the Album now but no announcements on names just working.

Drey: tell us something your fans might not know about you.

Casso: I’m a filmmaker like a really good editor and I crush a lot honestly loyal though.

Drey: Let the world know how they can find you on social media? 

Casso Social Media 

Born Ready Set YouTube
Casso The Dragon YouTube

want to thank Casso for taking the time to do this interview with us. we appreciate it.
To the readers follow Casso The Dragon’s Twitter for updates for any of his up and coming projects.

Just gonna leave this here enjoy.

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