Youtuber Destorm Powers hosted the Watch Me contest a few years back. This is where I first encountered Kyd Wahlee formerly known as Stamina. I remember being thoroughly impressed by his entry, enough so  to look further into his music  And here we are years later, under different circumstances.

Ladies and gents, this is Kyd Wah-Lee

1) Introduce yourself? Also how long have you been making music?
Whats up, I’m  Kyd Wah-Lee of The Terragodz.  I’ve been making music for about 17 years now, 5 of which I spent with The Terragodz.

2) What inspired the change in alias?  (Stamina to Kyd Wah-Lee)
Well I had Stamina as an alias as kind of a joke because i suffered from a collapsed lung lol.  But when i parted ways from my original manager Mike Brown I just wanted something new, more personal. Since people were already addressing me as Kid or Wally P depending on the group, I figured I could get away with using both combined.

3) Creatively speaking, who are some of your biggest influences?
I’ve had a lot of influences but the most important ones have come right out of my family.  My uncle Keith Boyd was a singer/songwriter, he even wrote Some Love for Chaka Khan. Also my uncle Tony Boyd, he was a bass player for Tina Marie.  Outside of that I’d say Jimmy Hendrix, Bach, and Nas.

4) Given the opportunity, how would you describe your sound to new listener? 
Emotional.  Not in a cry baby way, just emotional.  I like to really get into my feelings when I make music and make the listener walk in my shoes & see what I see.

5) Taking your catalog into consideration, what do you feel is your best song to date? And why? 
That’s a tough one haha.  I got a top three…. If i had to choose 1, it would have to be Passion Fruit though.  I know a lot of people that went through that same situation with women.  Its just a real and relative song.

6)  Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
Smoking papers with Wiz Khalifa, getting Vagabond Maurice to get high with me and Sage, Being the CEO of a record label and taking my 40 acres that “the man” owes me.  Other than that, just a lot of live shows and business.

7) So what do you feel sets you apart from other artist? 
My versatility and understanding of music.  I’m one of those guys that doesn’t care if you disagree with a sound he experiments with.  I just try to stay as open mind as possible.

8) For those, who aren’t familiar can you shed a little light on your group the Terragodz and the 太陽Onsoru旅団 movement as a whole? 
We’re just a big umbrella of talent.  We started as Terra 5 back in 2011 with 5 members.  Now i can’t even tell you how many people are involved, for that matter, how many different branches, with Muten Black being the main driving force. We’re working hard to do something good with all of our sources and talents. To understand us its best to see us live.

9)  So what’s next for Kyd Wah-Lee? 
The next big thing for me is the completion of my next project The Journey, which is the sequel to the mixtape Before The Journey.  I’m also working on an album with Sdot Pdot.  Before all of that though you will be seeing a lot more videos and singles.

10) Let the people know how they can find you? (social media links)

You can find me on.
Official Soundcloud 
Official Twitter 
Facebook Fanpage

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