The Flashbang panel was hosted by Rorie Still, the author behind Flashbang: Sci-Fi Stories That Will Blow Your Mind! It’s a compilation of six short stories, two poems, and three soundtracks. Ranging from comedy to somber tales. In each story, the characters are all searching for something and this is was what links them together. 

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This event featured a panel of interesting guest who play a role in the forging of this universe. Podcaster Ramon LA Beastia,  Heroes 4 Hire, Little Tree & Harmony, Jeide 8Track, Video Game Violinist, Norswick-Star and Foxy Roxy Cosplay.
The panel began with some background information on the stories from the series, a quick skit narration and music performances by Heroes 4 Hire, Little Tree & Harmony, Jeide 8Track and Video Game Violinist who have all made music for one of the soundtracks.  This was followed by a Q and A session.
I had a blast, I was able to laugh, vibe and just nerd out. The performances were a major plus! I mean how often do you get to hear people talk about video games, Hip Hop, anime and comic all in one room? In person, I might add and it felt amazing!
I’ve been to hip-hop and comics panels or Hip Hop and anime panels before at other events. They always struck a chord but this time around, it felt like a perfect homegrown event. I felt like I was amongst my people! It felt so much more personal, having that direct interaction really changes things.

I wanted to share some of it with you!

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  1. Dear Lizzo, Nice to see your Blog is running strong. I think I might visit the next comicon. I have an amazing superhero costume already to go.

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