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I finally got the time to watch the anime Darling in the Franxx. This was an interesting anime to watch. It is one of the most talked about anime. It reminded me a lot of Nier: Automata a game I played for the PlayStation 4. The anime series was co-produced by ClockWorks and Trigger and the story was designed by Kentaro Yabuki. The story centralizes a group of children that are used to fight in a war using Mechas. While watching this anime you can not help but ship people together. It is interesting to see the different ways the children explore their relationships and begin to unravel their true existence. It is kind of weird on how they have to use the mecha’s to fight having the girl bend over and the boy holding her love handles to steer. It truly leaves me with no words I leave it to your imagination. But, overall is it is a good action packed anime.



The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world with the future of the entire human race is becoming instinct from giant monsters called, “Klaxosaurs”. The monsters are divided into different classes from low to high rank. A organization called “APE” led by the human race created teams of children called Parasites to defeat the creatures to take back the Earth. The teams live in plantations and must defend the plantations from the Klaxosaurs were the last of the human race exists. In order for the children to fight the children are raised to pilot giant mech known as “Franxx”. The Franxx requires two pilots a boy and girl to function the machine. The minds of the both pair must link to operate the machine if not it would not function. Everyone is matched and compared with their compatibility to function together.


Hiro is a prodigy candidate who could not sync with his partner and they failed the training program but, was allowed to stay as a candidate. He then meets Zero Two a notorious Franxx pilot also known as the “partner killer” that has Klaxosaur blood with red horns. Hiro after loosing his partner as well as Zero Two they both become partners  piloting the Strelizia. Zero Two is known after riding with her three times you die, will Hiro share the same fate? The only to find out is to watch the anime Darling In The Franxx which I recommend if you love mecha and piloting in awkward positions.



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