BlerdCon 2019: The Following Panel is Scheduled for One Fall

Panel Presenters

On the last day of BlerdCon we were able to get a seat in a small panel room about African American Wrestlers. The name of the panel was The Following Panel is Scheduled for One Fall and presented by Chris Kazama, Jonny X, Wrestling Enthusiast J.A., G Postal, The Play Maker Tyler Moore and Chris Slade. This panel was about the history of African American Wrestlers in the industry. They discussed past wrestlers, their story lines and how companies neglected to promote black wrestlers like they did white wrestlers.

I used to watch WWF/WWE, ECW and WCW religiously growing up. I eventually started to phased out with some of my favorite wrestlers and stopped watching so often. I didn’t think much about the history or the story-lines of black wrestlers. Sitting in this panel made me think back about how some of those story-lines were when it came to black wrestlers and how many were used as comedic relief by saying something stupid or a facial expressions.

I watch wrestling every now and again but mainly for reunion shows I hear about or because one of my favorite wrestlers announces they will make a appearance. For me, its just like checking in on a of the big chunks of my childhood and making sure everything and everyone is still doing good as we grow older.

Some of the wrestlers that were mentioned by the presenters were before my time. The presenters are Independent Professional Wrestlers trying to make a name for themselves. They promoted a black-owned wrestling promotion company called Capitol Combat Championship Wrestling (C3W). C3W promotes Black Independent Wrestlers on their platform and have plenty of championship belts to fight for.

Richard Thompson is the creator of the company, he wasn’t present in the panel but I thought this was a great way to see great way to see Black Wrestlers by creating your own wrestling promotion company. This shows great ambition and the success of the company says a lot of the people behind the scenes running things.

Jonny X was there promoting a championship belt he created with a friend. The Championship title is The Pan African World Diaspora Wrestling Champions or PAWDWC. The title was created because the creators were tired of black wrestlers getting the short end of the stick in the industry. Currently, there is a tournament for this championship belt happening and the first round of the tournament will take place on August 25th in conjunction with C3W in Bladensburg, Maryland.

Here’s a closer look at The Pan African World Diaspora Wrestling Champions Belt

Below is more information about C3W and where to find their upcoming events as well as the PAWDWC Tournament.

Capitol Combat Championship Wrestling (C3W)

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The Pan African World Diaspora Wrestling Champions Belt

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