I saw a preview of this anime at AnimeNYC and I knew that I had to see this anime. If you like Fairy Tail, this is a show to watch. Black Clover is a fun and exciting show to watch. I love Asta and his drive to be the best. You cant help but to root for Asta. There is plenty of action and comedy in the show. Watching Asta and Yuno makes you believe that you can become anything you want to be with hard work.Image result for black clover
Asta and Yuno were both abandoned as children and raised in an orphanage on. Asta dreamed of becoming the next Wizard King. While Yuno who is exceptionally gifted in Magic, Asta is the direct opposite. Asta was not born with Magical powers. Yuno who admires Asta also wants to become the Wizard King. The both set out on a Journey to become the Wizard King. They both take the magic exam and receive rare grimoires. Yuno received the Grimoire of the First Wizard King and Asta received a rare Anti-Magic grimoire that negates all magic. They both set out as rivals joining the Magical Knights to  pursue to becoming the next Wizard King.
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I really enjoy how Asta has that never give up attitude. This anime is very similar to Fairy Tail.  If you like action and adventure this the anime for you. Asta and Yuno are both great contenders to become Wizard King.  Asta a bit ditzy compared to Yuno are both very strong and courageous in their adventures. I hope Asta becomes the next Wizard King but, who knows as the story unfolds.

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