Bad Anime, Bad!! Panel at AnimeNEXT 2017


This is post is a collaboration between Alice and Myself on the Bad Anime, Bad!! panel at the AnimeNEXT Convention.

It’s been a few years since we’ve seen a Bad Anime, Bad!! panel at AnimeNEXT seeing the panel still thriving after all this time and each year continuing to come with all of the bad anime there is out in the world makes each year funnier. There are several different types of anime series some are good but, some are just bad. The panel we went to showed nothing but, bad animated series that some may have seen growing up that are recommended for children to watch at a young age but in reality children should not see. This year’s theme was Bad Retro Anime. The clips that were shown were from movies from the 1970’s during the disco era.

Host: Brian T. Price

The movies Brian showed us was best described as ” a trilogy of childhood terror” by Brian hmself. These were animated movies designed for children to watch starting at the age of 5. Some of these horrible animated movies came from the Pinwheel Network known today as Nickelodeon. The idea of sci-fi was not really good during the 1970’s. The first Animation released in America was Battle of the Planets (1978). Rafael Bachshee directed the first x-rated animated film to be released in America.\

Here’s a video from YouTube Battle of the Planets so you can get a grasp of how bad it is.

The first movie clip he showed was Wizards an adult theme anime not really meant for children to watch but, it was not rated that way. The story takes place a thousand years ago, with the creation of magic. Black wolf twin brother Avator was evil and he was on a journey for revenge. The movie had plenty of adult concepts like prostitution, cursing and shooting an old man in front of children. In one of the end scenes Black Wolf tells his brother Avator ” I’m glad you changed your name you sick son of a Bitch”.

The second clip that was showed was Raggedy Ann and Andy the Musical. With the most hideous and terrifying toys no child may never want. The movie contains things that can never be unseen. The creator of this Musical created my favorite film of all time Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The only film that brought together Disney and Looney Toons. Bebbet is a self centered first class asshole as the mention in the film she’s also called “a pill“. I really don’t know why they would go save her but Raggedy Ann and Andy go on an adventure to save this doll from her captor who is nothing but a disgusting perverted old man. The captain does nothing but sing and do pelvic thrusts. There is a lot of psychedelics infused in the animation series which only makes it more creepy. There are hidden suggestions of incest between Ann and Andy if things don’t get weirder, the scene with the camel on drugs looking into the sky explains itself. Watching this movie is like a bad dream. They even added a sin gluttony who name is Gluttony watching him eat himself. You would think that Raggedy Ann and Andy are traveling through purgatory.

The next film he showed was The Mouse and his Child, the saddest animation I’ve seen since watching the Grave of the Fireflies. I actually went back home and watched the whole movie wanting to see a happy ending. The movie falls around the concept of freewill and enslavement which are not suitable for kids. If I was a child and saw this I think my mind would have been messed up. The movie was produced by Sanrio, another movie with creepy toys especially that Jack on the box who looks like he does drugs. It was like a room of nightmares. There was an elephant toy looking like he was being felt up by a pig, Strange toys doing strange acts. All the toys come to life at night and for the first time did the Mouse and his son they were a wind up toy connected together by hands. The rude and sarcastic clock explained the rules to them and before you knew it they ended up falling on the floor and breaking which makes the store owner tossing them out. That is only the beginning, then they get thrown in the dump site and later found by an ugly rat named Manny who treated them like slaves, not done yet to then be robbed, forced into showbiz, drowned and then beaten. The tragedy is never ending but the story ends in a weird high note with an elephant marrying a mouse.

Here’s the full movie for The Mouse and His Child.

Then Brian showed us the horrible dub of Garzey’s wing, the room continued to fill with laughter as he pointed out everything wrong with this anime. First off the main character somehow goes from riding a motorcycle to floating in the air naked, no explanation it just happens and that seems to be the theme of this anime because things just happen for no reason. Watch at your risk with a nice drink and an open mind as to why someone would even create this.

Another video that was shown was The Titanic: The Animated Movie. This has to be the worst thing I’ve seen because it’s a rip off of just about every other disney movie you’ve seen growing up, there’s Anastasia, Cinderella and so much more I don’t want to spoil it you have to see it for yourself to believe that someone really created this. Below the full length movie I want to share the horror I seen. Please watch this clip of the movie and just bask in the confusion that it is.


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