AnimeNEXT 2019: Indie Boardwalk NitorInc.: Touhou Microgames!



Over this past weekend at AnimeNEXT apart of the Indie game Boardwal Lizzo and I got the chance to play this PC game GAME NAME!. Lizzo previously wrote about the Indie Boardwalk. NitorInc.: Touhou Microgames! is a very fun and addictive game since I was trying to beat the high score of other players. It’s a time-based game where you have to complete the objectives in 5 seconds. Its mini-game after mini-game and that makes it so fun as you progress the timer gets shorter and the pace of the game gets faster.

This is a PC game and you have to switch between using the mouse and the arrow keys with the space bar. Alternating between these made the game even more fun because it adds a challenge.

I just became a fan of this game I have been playing the story mode for the past couple of days trying to get better at these mini-games. It’s fun to play a PC game again and a challenging one that keeps me on my toes. I highly recommend giving this game a try for the fun of a new game.

The cucumbers are your lives so you get 4 lives before game over. The mini-games range from saving a town from a meteor to killing space invaders. This game is so much fun and the fast paced challenge is what won me over. I hope this game picks up in popularity because it’s a great game to play to challenge yourself and keep your mind active.


You can play NitorInc.: Touhou Microgames Demo on Steam for free. There’s also a Web Demo of the game if you don’t want to download steam.

Here’s a clip of me playing the game at AnimeNEXT

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