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While at AnimeNEXT 2019, Drea and I, were able too attend the CellChrome Concert. Cellchrome is a 4 piece rock band from Nagoya Japan. Members of the band include Mizki, the vocalist. guitarist Yosuke, Bassist Niwaken and Tatsuma on the drums.

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This was my first encounter with Cellchrome and their music. I can’t even lie, I was impressed. To be fair, I was more then impressed, the best way to express the experience was, it’s a vibe. They looked good, sounded good and performed seamlessly.

In comparison to the other bands I’ve seen at AnimeNEXT, sonic-ally speaking their music is more Pop-ish. It sounded like Anime theme music and that’s something I could really appreciate. We we’re at a anime convention after all, it was only fitting.

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These guys are really charismatic and watching them perform, you can’t help but smile. I could tell how happy they were to be here. I could tell how much they really love what they do – That’s contagious.

Something that I found crazy endearing was even with the language barrier, (their minimal English skills and our lack of Japanese fluency) Mizuki and other band members engaged the audience. It made the performance that much more memorable.

Are you a fan of Cellchome?

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