We had a blast last year at AnimeNEXT.  The question is what am I looking forward to this year? The Masquerade and the All Off Concert.  A few of the Special Guest (Johnny Yong Bosch and Kenji Kamiyama) Cosplay and panel selection.

Other than that maybe popping in on United Gaming League Tournament, I’ve never actually been to one and figured this con is good a time as any. If time will allow it, I’ll try to pop into the Karaoke room because watching anime karaoke is always an experience.
I always take my pre-con plans with a grain of salt because I move like the wind but more than anything looking forward to hanging out with my crew.

Don’t forget to follow us on all our social media accounts because we will be posting content throughout the weekend.  If you are attending AnimeNEXT and run into us say Hi! I may be a bit awkward at first but I promise I don’t bite.

Anyways hope to see you there and let’s make memories.

 Best Wishes


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