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Anime NYC was lit! We were planning to end Con Season with a bang and we did that! So where do I begin? Oh yeah, Shout out to Naja of Nice Job Breaking It, Hero. We got a chance to link up for while on Sunday while she attended the con as well. Seems like Anime NYC is a meeting ground for me and my blogging friends but be sure to check her out if you haven’t.

My highlight of the weekend was the Masquerade Ultra Deluxe. I love cosplay and this event showcased the best this con had to offer. I won’t go into detail because Drey is working on a post for it but I had a fun time. Congratulations and great job too all the contestants.
The Show Floor was immaculate, The exhibitors’ list consisted of about 200 vendors with big names like HIDIVE, Sentai Filmworks and Bandai. Other vendors Kodansha Comics, Noir Caesar, Yen Press, and Lumica USA.
Then there was all the lovely work in artist alley, it always amazes me seeing so many artists together in one room.  All their hard work shows and its also nice seeing others embracing these creatives. So when given the chance,  it’s important to show love. That’s exactly what I did.
Since we’re on the subject,  I have a funny little story that I would like to share.  While walking around the show floor at AnimeNYC, I met this aspiring writer and comic book artist.  His name was Akeem Smith, he literally walked up to us and started talking which lead to the introduction of Birth By Creation. I was so impressed by the fact that he just walked up to us and started pitching his story, that both Drey and I brought a copy. Add in the fact that everything from the writing to artwork was all done by him. I was intrigued even more after he shared some backstory, So yeah I supported.

Spent some time in Toyko Attack Arcade which is traveling Japanese style Arcade.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to spend as much time here as I would have liked but at the very least I was able to play two new games. Bone Eater Silent Scope, which was pretty hard. I’m horrible at first person shooters but I somehow managed to finish the first level. I versed Drey in a game called Scotto and played my annual go of Initial D Arcade Stage 7 AAX, one of my favorites Japanese arcade games.
Your girl attended a decent amount of panels this year, HIDIVE Presents LGBTQ+ Representation in Anime, Anime NYC’s Inaugural AMV Contest, Official SAILOR MOON Panel, A Guide to Professional Gaming from the Women’s Perspective and Blerds in Geekdom.

All in all, I had a fantastic time. The only drawback is that we weren’t able to catch the AniSong World Matsuri concerts, and I would have liked to see some more diversity on the panel front but for a second-year convention they knocked this one out at the park.
I’m not sure if anyone from the convention will see this but having to go through security to get every area is a bit discouraging and time-consuming for con-goers. I feel like if people were checked at the convention entrance that could be more effective in disbursing the crowds and you’ll have less stressed attendees, just a thought.

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3 thoughts on “Anime NYC 2018 Overview

  1. So, it was def better than last year? That’s good. I’m happy you guys were able to enjoy it. So upsetting I couldn’t go. I would have def went to the full metal alchemist panel.

    1. I think the panel selection was better this year. Seems like there were more Cosplayers too. That’s definitely a plus. I’m kinda bummed you couldn’t make either wince you it seems like you really wanted to go but let’s see what 2019 holds.

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