Anime NYC 2018: AMV Contest Winners!


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This year I was able to enjoy the AMV (Anime Music Video) contest at AnimeNYC 2018. An AMV is a fan-made music video incorporating clips of one or more animated shows or movies. To create an AMV is very tedious and time-consuming work, cutting up the video clips and editing it to make the video fit with the song. What I love most is how when you’re watching an AMV, it is like getting a preview of the anime which I think is better than watching a trailer because it gives more of an inside on what to look forward to in the show or movie. The contestants picked a few really good anime series that correlated with the music.

This was the first year that AnimeNYC hosted the AMV contest. It was interesting to watch the AMV’s and seeing how they correlated with the topic. Everyone who participated in the contest worked very hard constructing their AMV’s. All the videos were very good and I enjoyed watching them all.

There were four categories where contestants can submit their AMV to but the AMV must go along with the theme and then the convention attendees had the chance to vote for their favorite video they liked best. The categories were Comedy, Action/Adventure, Romance, and Drama. Everyone who submitted did a wonderful job and here are the results of the contest winners.

Best Technical Comedy: SPF(Stereotypical Party Filler) by Gina Nelson

Best Concept Comedy: Yuri on Ice – The Honest Trailer by Maboroshibido

Best Technical Drama
: IT-otoro by Gina Nelson

Best Concept Drama: A Thousand Words by Mysunsai
Judge’s Award: A Thousand Words by Mysunsai

Best Technical and Concept Action/Adventure: A real hero by Bimyou

Best Technical Romance: Infectious Affections by drewaconclusion

Best Concept Romance:  Magic of Eternity by MadMegatax
Judge’s Award: Magic of Eternity by MadMegatax

Judge’s Award: Timeless Love by FallenMeteorStudios

Audience’s Favorite: Dream the Impossible by BecauseImBored1
Best in Show: Dream the Impossible by BecauseImBored1


There were different awards given out on Concept, Technical, Audience Favorite, Judge’s award, and Best In Show. They were all good AMV’s, my favorite categories were Romance and Comedy. I would say the AMV I enjoyed the most that stood out to me was Timeless Love by FallenMeteorStudios. This AMV had me in tears because I saw the anime that it featured which was Your Lie In April, it was a really good but sad anime. Another one that had me really choked up crying was A Thousand Words by Mysunsai. I never saw the anime for this AMV but I would watch it. It is very sad and touching it was perfect for the Drama category but all the winners had amazing videos. I could not stop laughing watching IT-otoro by Gina Nelson the AMV is about Miyazaki’s My Neighbor Totoro which is a wonderful anime and made it appear like the horror film IT. I enjoyed this AMV contest and I hope that I can attend the event again at next years’ Anime NYC.


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