Anime NYC 2018: Morning Musume。’18!


Morning Musume is one of Japan’s biggest idol groups and they still are! Producer Tsunku started the group in 1997 and they are still making music and are as popular as they were when they first debut with more members.
Morning Musume has broken so many records on the Oricon charts. They continue to top their past successes and I’m looking forward to seeing Morning Musume, 18 in concert this weekend.

モーニング娘。’18『自由な国だから』(Morning Musume。’18 )[Because It’s a Free Country.]

Morning Musume。’18 will be performing during the Anisong World Matsuri which is a 2-day concert series at Anime NYC. The concert series will be held in the Hammerstein Ballroom, a few blocks down from the Jacob Javits Center. Tickets for this event have to be purchased separately from the convention tickets. You can purchase your concert, convention or merchandise tickets here
Morning Musume。’18 will be performing on Saturday, November 17th, so make sure you get your tickets to see them live! They will also be attending a panel and signing autographs.

We’ll be posting like crazy on our social media so don’t miss out on seeing Anime NYC 2018 through our lens if you’re not going to this con.

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